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[opensuse-factory] scons is going to use python3 as interpreter
Dear Tumbleweed hackers and packagers,

As you all know, python3 is 'the new thing' and pytho2 is being moved
to the background. Various packages have already been switched to be
using python3 - probably 'the easy ones' are all done. so we enter the
jounery of more complex things.

One such package is scons, which has been switched to be using python3
in request

Now, scons is a bit 'special', as it is written in python and is
basiclaly compatible to python2 AND python3, BUT it parses
SConstruct/SConscript of different packages. And there the results are
a bit mixed when it comes to python3 compliance

Martin setup a test branch where he monitors all packages in
openSUSE:Factory using scons as their build script, see

Out of those only two packages are tracked as part of the rings (ffado
and gpsd), which means from a Factory process perspective, once those
two are fixed, the scons-switch to python3 could happen.

As this will impact some other packages, I'd like to ask for your help
to fix the other failing packages there. Simply branch them using "osc
branch openSUSE:Factory $pkg" and submit them back to their original
devel project. Martin's project only serves as monitor and should not
receive submissions.

In many cases, the issue in SConstruct are the usual python3 offenders:
print "FOO" needs to be written as print ("FOO") now; so patches can
turn out to be easy (in some cases they are more complex though)

This mail serves as an info so you won't be surprised when scons is
being merged and some packagaes stop building (of course some people
will still be surprised, but such is life)

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