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Re: [opensuse-factory] Announcing Tumbleweed Snapshots: Rolling With You
On Wed, 2017-11-22 at 16:52 -0600, Jimmy Berry wrote:
Some of you may remember over a year ago when I proposed the concept
Tumbleweed Snapshots [1] and later the prototype that I provided [2].
Today I
would like to announce hosting for the snapshots, that is not inside
my house
:), and ready to use!

For those not familiar with the concept I will describe it in the
form to which
it has evolved.

Tumbleweed, being a rolling distribution, is constantly changing and
are constantly being rebuilt against one another and updating
requirements. As
such it becomes necessary to update even when undesirable. For
example, one is
running snapshot 17 and the next day snapshot 18 contains a QT update
rebuilt a large number of packages. When attempting to install an
that depends on QT one is greeted with an ugly unresolveable error.
It is then
necessary to run a full update, likely very large with many unrelated
in order to simply install an application as would have been possible

Certainly a nice helping solution, but keep in mind that bug reports
coming from such a 'mix-and-mash' upgrdaed TW setup will simply not be
handled. There have been numerous times reports about libraries that
changed in incompatible ways without changing their soversion. Such
things will bite you even more often.

Let alone that a new library is perfecly allowed to add functions
without changing the so-version. A binary built against the newer lib
might make use of this new functions. The dependency will,
nevertheless, be on libFOO<NUM>, with <NUM> not having changed, yet
your application not starting in the end.

Tumbleweed snapshots are a tested unit; the same trouble you keep on
running in while running 'zypper up' instead of 'zypper dup' will bite
you here. And I for one will always ask for 'zypper dup' on a bug if
this setup is being used.

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