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Re: [opensuse-factory] I can't create a bugzilla on LXDE for TW

Am Dienstag, 21. November 2017, 20:55:02 CET schrieb Carlos E. R.:

The problem remains, how to report a problem with the OBS-Bugzilla
system itself. A maintainer is listed. Some addresses are
_automatically_ written to the bugzilla. But Bugzilla says that those
addresses are unknown!

I can imagine a few reasons why this happens, for example:
- someone never logged in into bugzilla, and therefore bugzilla doesn't
know his/her mail addresss
- someone changed the mail address, and since then, only logged in in
bugzilla _or_ OBS, so it got updated only at one place
- someone left SUSE and the bugzilla account therefore got disabled

In fact, at least one of those addresses, at novell, bounces.

There should be a written documented procedure on how to deal with
this situations.

Feel free to read any documentation about searching for easter eggs ;-)

Seriously: If I hit such a situation, I typically check the changelog
for the last people who worked on the package. Another option is to
start typing the name in the bugzilla assignee field and wait if the
autocompletion comes up with a different mail address for that person.

I assume you know how to edit the wiki - feel free to find a nice place
for this and add it there ;-)

That said - the last change to the lxdm package was two years ago and it
was dropped from Tumbleweed, therefore I wouldn't expect too much from a
bugreport in this specific case.


Christian Boltz
| $ rpm -q --whatrequires kernel
| no package requires kernel
Ach ja, dascha interessant! Kein RPM braucht das? Ja wie? Dann kann
ich das RPM ja also beruhigt loeschen? Braucht ja keiner... *lol*
[David Haller in suse-linux]

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