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[opensuse-factory] Package naming conventions
  • From: Roger Oberholtzer <roger.oberholtzer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 11:18:18 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
I am cleaning up my home project on OBS, removing things that are now
in a mainstream package or otherwise not needed. One thing I use OBS
for is making Windows versions of various packages. Part of my cleanup
is to remove any things that I have that are now duplicates. When all
is cleaned up, I hope to suggest that some packages move to the
official projects.

In doing this, I want to try to maintain compatible names wherever
possible. This is not always obvious. Mainly because the naming
convention in OBS is sometimes less than obvious. Let me use an
example: proj - which does geographic projections. There is no Windows
version (except in my project). I want to name the project as close to
the Linux name so that it is obvious that it is the same package

proj exists in two places (at least): where
it is called libproj12 (from source proj4.9.3)
where is is called libproj9 (from source proj4.9.2)

The use of 9 or 12 in the name has nothing at all to do with the proj
source. It is, I think, a rather arbitrary number assigned to the name
by the packager in OBS. There is no property in proj to which it

proj is not the only package that does this.

Why is this done? So many other packages have different versions
available, and they do not resort to adding a strange number to the
name to differentiate them.

And what is even more obtuse is that the libraries are named with
these numbers that have nothing at all to do with the package:

/usr/lib64// ->
/usr/lib64// ->

If one wanted to have a library for each proj release, why wouldn't
they be called That is, after all, where this
version of the library came from.

And, if one wants to do as I am doing - making a package that is a
port to Windows - how should the items be named? Should I just select
another apparently random number? I suspect not. But perpetuating the
oddness of assigning a unrelated number to the package name seems just
as incorrect.

I only used proj as an example. This is done all over OBS. I have read
the docs on naming, and I do not feel that this aspect is described.
At least not so I recognized it.

Roger Oberholtzer
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