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Re: [opensuse-factory] new packages/features and /etc/sysconfig

Is there any information source, where one can find things like that?
If new features, packages or whatever get introduced or are removed,
can we know that? Perhaps I missed that somehow, but then I'm not the
only one, as it seems.

Things tend to be announced on this very list, if I catch stuff I'll
try to mention it in the weekly news (sometimes bi-weekly), the YaST
team themselves have a great blog where they announce even more details
on changes planned/done (yast2-alternatives is not exactly new anymore,
we had it for > 1 year now)

So I missed it a year ago :)
And yes, I read your news nearly every time, but normally you only
mention the big things, not those small, but useful additional thingies.
Thx for the hint regarding the yast blog, I'll have a closer look into


Is there any process implemented to clean up /etc/sysconfig, i.e.
does anything delete unused entries and files and/or unused files in

Template files are shipped as part of packages in /var/adm/fillup-
templates and packages responsible for them use the respective macros
to migrate fillup info into the real /etc/sysconfig/* files (so at
least the theory)

Theory is good, but ... - I have > 70 files in my /etc/sysconfig, of
which many are really old and never had been cleaned up or removed.


Thx and bye.
Michael Hirmke
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