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Re: [opensuse-factory] ignoring comments
Hi Boris

As I created the new package you are criticizing, why not working together and fix it? :-)

Am 2017-10-21 15:19, schrieb Boris Manojlovic:
sr#528850 - I am not sure why those unsolveable dependencies are
bothering you in first place - it is new package so I assume that it did
not break anything for any user. I would also guess that required
dependencies are simply missing because they are being
packaged/maintained somewhere else and work there is still in progress.

i was interested from TOTALLY irrational reason - i wanted to use it...

Me too, but I have to admit that the environment I'm using is not Tumbleweed. I would love to get more feedback, if you like.

P.S. i will now stop being toxic, irrational and trying to make this
distribution packages of higher quality.

Higher quality always comes with some cost, you know...? ;-)

I started with the package and did a submit request. I noticed just by reading your comment that there might be a problem with the python-click package missing on some installations. As there is already a newer version released, I re-submitted the package again - this time with a runtime dependency, as you requested.

Again: I am more than happy if you want to help maintaining this package (or even take over?). According to "osc my packages" I am currently maintainer of 658 packages in many different projects - and also reviewing packages in a couple of projects. Trust me: if I make a mistake, this is not done by intention. ...and I read notes, declined requests and other stuff as good as possible. But with >300 of such Emails every day in my inbox, I am sure I will sometimes miss something important. Life is sometimes not fair.

With kind regards,

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