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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: XFCE upcoming / planned stuff

Am Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017, 15:39:06 CEST schrieb Stefan Seyfried:
Hi Fabian,

Am 09.10.2017 um 20:44 schrieb Fabian Vogt:
It lives in openSUSE:Factory:Live/livecd-openSUSE (livecd-x11) and seems
to fulfill all of the mentioned criteria.

I looked there and your way of building the cds (use "onlyRequired",
then explicitly add all packages via package-lists-foo package) is
obviously much more clever than my approach (use "plusRecommends", then
blacklist stuff).

In my opinion it's actually worse :P
It's mostly done that way to have a complete separation from the package
lists generated by patterns and the package lists used to generate the
live media. This is necessary to have more fine tuned control.

It's also not "my" way of building the packages - it's been like this
for around a century now, so clearly not invented by me. I only cleaned
it up by removing a layer of indirection. Previously there was no
livecd-openSUSE package that contains .kiwi files, but only
kiwi-config-openSUSE which generates .kiwi files during build and then other
packages BuildRequire that and invoke kiwi manually.

Now the interesting question :-)
I'm pretty sure that you don't manually maintain the package-lists-*
contents but have some helper tooling that generates them from patterns
or such.

Would it be possible to share the helper tools?
I can of course also just link+project.diff on your packages, but
sometimes it might be desirable to build a totally different image.

Yup, it's done by run regularly
on a VM (called "packagelists" ;-) )
I don't have much experience with those scripts (it's a hacked together heap
of perl scripts that generate and parse libsolv testcases), if you want to use
those (I recommend against it) you better ask coolo, DimStar, lnussel or maxlin.

Basically it contains files with include statements for other files and a list
of rules (like zypper commands) which get thrown at libsolv and you get a list
of packages back.

The question is what you want to do. If you just want to do minor changes to
the image, just branching livecd-openSUSE should be enough - if it's a complete
overhaul of the package list structure you can create your own packagelist
meta-package and build the livecd against that.
I assume you want to build a full Xfce based live medium though, in which case
the best option is to build support for that into package-lists (based on the
rescue set) and submit livecd-openSUSE with livecd-xfce recipe to oS:F:Live ;-)
(Before I forget it later: if you do that, the installer needs to be enabled
explicitly in to get a link to the desktop)


Best regards,


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