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[opensuse-factory] Talk about "toxic" !
On 18.10.2017 17:30, Christian Boltz wrote:

Please adjust your tone!

Flaming and insulting people won't help you to convince someone to fulfil
your wish (quite the opposite). The only thing you improve this way is
the chance to get banned from the mailinglist. (Consider this an official
warning from the Board!)

Please also take a few minutes to read
and act in a way that follows our guiding principles.


Christian Boltz

Indeed, it will not. But I gave up on that long ago. Thanks to the "final
decision to keep breaking and not fixing"-approach. What's the point of it
anyway if nothing productive can be discussed ? I could try to almost civilly
ask "WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT ?!!! You can't not understand that
it's senseless, horrible and anti-productive, RIGHT ?!" in such occasions but
I'm not sure that rational explanations are possible.

On 19.10.2017 02:05, Knurpht - Gertjan Lettink wrote:
Op woensdag 18 oktober 2017 10:13:51 CEST schreef Sergey Kondakov:
On 18.10.2017 10:25, Luca Beltrame wrote:
Il giorno Tue, 17 Oct 2017 19:53:28 +0500

Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
Well, if corporate officials are so keen on breaking their distro
just for the sake of some solidarity with Gnome/KDE/FD madmen, maybe

It doesn't make sense. SLE (the one which should be ruled by "corporate
officials" according to your questionable statement) accepted the
patch. So this policy, which can be debatable if you may (but not with
this tone), is set by people as part of their community involvement,
not by corporate overlords.

Then this "final decision" makes even less sense. It's like someone just
wants to be an asshole to whole userbase. How the hell it's a random user's
responsibility to single-handedly fix core functionality _and_ deal with
upstream while these so called "maintainers", "teams" and paid project
leader himself comfortably sit with each others' thumbs up their assess ?
First take (if you too irresponsible to even find/make it yourself) the fix
in your "product" and then deal with upstream yourselves, you useless
pricks ! Especially if breakage comes from an employee of your competitor.
Although, doesn't *SUSE now belongs to HP and that's where Keith Packard ( ) works ? I guess
breaking X11 is just in fashion now, along with ugly monochrome icons and
general removal of decades-old functionality. How long before filesystem
tree structure is deemed "obsolete", like it's Android or year 1967 ?

Graphical interface always was an afterthought in FOSS since it's not part
of clusters and supercomputers but software vendors for these do try to
sell "workstation" licenses and support contracts. And these "workstations"
use Gnome as officially supported DE. But that kind of "support" is beyond
ridiculous at this point, it's cluelessly irresponsible. Things like that
is why people shell out the big bucks to pay for Apple products. It's not
even an issue of money or manpower.
Or maybe it's time to switch distro entirely. They already ditched
live installer, so, I wouldn't be able to reliably do new TW installs

If you need to rant, get your facts straight at least. Live images (at
least the KDE software ones, which I'm more familiar with) have a live
installer, and it's even being tested.

Really ? And where can I install that installer for _my_ live kiwi-built
images ? Because what I see is

FYI : You've crossed every line of what is acceptable in this community. I
one will not tolerate people being talked to like this. You should be ashamed
of yourself going this far below the belt in implicite personal attacks.
Intolerable is the word.

It seems what is acceptable in "this community" is constantly breaking the
distro. Intentionally, more often than not. And I do have zero tolerance
watching how core packages just silently disappear from TW or fixes provided on
the silver plater get ignored because bureaucrats responsible don't feel like
it or something. What's the point of "this community" if every user is left for
himself anyway ? Unless you're mean "the community" of some CircleJerk Club.
Well, I'm not going to be a part of that community.

Just recently I had 3 XFS partitions with 4,5Tb of data nuked (luckily, the
important half was accessible in R/O) after an emergency shutdown. And wasn't
even surprised to find that official TW xfsprogs package is 6 months and 4 full
releases late. And that's for official default data filesystem ! There several
user packages for newest versions but no one seems to want to deal with
"implicitly personally attacked". And so am I. Every day there is something
deliberately disdainful in "this community" with it's "final decisions" to not
give a damn. Remember previous Super Prick Move of deliberate redirection of
all OBS user TW repoes to be built against inaccessible snapshots which were
making them unsuitable for usage as replacements or additions to official
packages ? I surely will not forget. I've forked a ton of stuff, even kernel
(as a replacement to abandoned kernel-desktop flavour), but now I would have to
fork xserver and gtk3, it seems, or find someone who did... And figure out why
lightdm decided to commit seppuku together with X while on open drivers and
what's up with sddm's pam errors or what to replace them with but that's other
matter entirely.
But GTK3&Gnome3/KDE4&5 upstream are the worst of the worst. For last ~5 years
it's looks like they on the mission to squash everything that was good about

If only "the teams" of "this community" would spend as much energy on actually
maintaining their stuff or helping those who do it for them as they spend on
being "non-toxic", "inoffensive" breakage-compliant boys, maybe there wouldn't
be reasons to be offended. So, save your preachings for those who value empty
words. I'm interested in deeds. And here I see absolute disdain for those who
come up with solutions by those who supposed to encourage them instead of
choking initiative.

On 19.10.2017 00:35, badshah400@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear Christian,

As one of these voluntary contributors to the openSUSE GNOME desktop*,
I am __personally__ offended by the email quoted below, and furthermore
by the board's tolerance of such toxic insult, by essentially rewarding
virulence** with a slap-of-the-wrist "consider yourself warned"

Let's just summarise what the email alleges about me, given that I am
part of the GNOME team:
* I want to be an asshole to the whole userbase,
* So-called "maintainer" who sits with thumb up someone else's arse,
* A useless prick.

In response, you "warned" him. Yeah, much good that will do!!! If every
single one of us gets one chance to spit such insult on someone else on
this ML, I am pretty sure you know how that will turn out. While I
understand differences in opinion can drive conflict which can
sometimes straddle the boundary of civil and not-so-civil, this kind of
abuse is not something anyone, let alone the board of a respectable
community organisation, ought to tolerate. Even. Once.

Please consider this my official complaint against this particular
individual, and against this policy of warn once no-matter-how-bad.

* I also voluntarily devote my not-all-that-much free time toward the
maintenance of several packages in the science and Education projects.
** No, I won't just accept and move on, in case you are wondering.
Nobody told me I had to first build the skin of a rhino to contribute
to an opensource community project.
*** In case you received my email twice, apologies! My previous message
didn't get through to the list, as far as I can see.
Atri B (irc nick: badshah400)

And I'm personally offended by your attitude ! Not only you neglect doing your
duties but also spit on those who may do so for you. And this is directly
encouraged by the top brass. The only way it could be worse if it was an issue
of data/hardware corruption or physical trauma. Although, wrong DPI can very
likely lead to the latter for one's eyes. Are you sure you're not GNOME/GTK
project leader or X.Org board member ?

The being-an-asshole part is more about Richard Brown's "final decision",
unless it was your decision and you honestly think that users need to go
complain to unhinged upstream though garbled up screens you forced them to look
through while you can't even be bothered to take fixes that were prepared for
you. Unwillingness to do so does make you pretty useless and insistence on
keeping things broken by blocking fixes from others makes you a prick. And the
thumbs part is about what you're doing now: seeking approval and enforcement
from higher ups and advocates of such behaviour. Or as it's called: echo
chamber, preaching to the choir or a "circle jerk", metaphorical thumbs

But what "the board" supposed to do ? Send assassins ?
Blocking emails is useless since most of the time it's too uninteresting to
bother or I'm so pissed off from things likes this that I can't even write
coherently at all. At max they could delete my OBS account and ban my email
from all servers. But that only be doing me a favour, otherwise I can't yet
bring myself to do migration for all my packages and changes to something else.

If you're such a gentleman maybe you should assign yourself as your own
upstream negotiator ?
But we all understand that saying "talk to upstream" about broken-by-design
issue from a maintainer to a user is nothing more than a pseudo-polite
euphemism for "talk to a wall, bitch, because we're not feeling like doing a
jack shit about it and neither will you". If that's how a "non-toxic" community
behaviour looks like to you, then you should be first ones in line to get some.

And when instead of making or taking changes you prevent others for no good
reason, you're cease being a "contributor" altogether and start being an
obstacle. Then if you go one step further and start introducing deliberate
breakage, you become something else entirely, also starting from a letter "c".

So, stop playing the offended, you're not the only, the first or even an
innocent one. Being "implicit" "toxic" pricks seems to be a norm around here,
even of it's done via non-swearing words. Doing nothing while patting each
other's backs and standing in the way. There is close to zero point in dealing
with "teams" of anti-contributing "contributors". Maybe an occasional
maintainer who actually does his job could be an exception.
And you're going to do nothing about the issue of DPI. Because this is who you
are and that is what you do. And if you want to spit insults but refrain only
due to fear of some reprimand, maybe it would be better for everyone if you
would do so instead of hiding behind feint politeness while channelling hatred
some other, more destructive way. But, whatever.

PS: Talking to you is a waste of time and temper anyway, so I'm not going to
even read this list any longer. The only thing it does is trigger the rage of
With uncertainty of openSUSE's aptitude under another shift in ownership and
with these crippling afflictions for the base system growing in numbers and
levels of ridiculousness under such management and what passes of as
"maintenance", it may be better to abandon it altogether...

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