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Re: [opensuse-factory] Toxic inuslt directed at contributers [was Re: Re: bug 1022830 GTK3 apps not honoring system-wide DPI settings]
Dear Atri,

I can clearly understand you feel hurt, there are enough statements in Sergeys
e-mail to be offended.

The board, in person Christian, did stand up against the accusations, and this
time they did in a timely manner, while in the past they were somewhat
reluctant to do so, and I appreciate they did now.

The accusations and name calling are in no way acceptable, and the board
clealy does not tolerate it. If a warning is sufficient or not is a matter of
opinion, Sergey is a first time offender, so personally I am strictly pro
letting it pass this time, hoping he would think twice the next time he
criticizes some decision. Yes, I hope the warning will do some good.

Maintainership or even contribution is no popularity contest. I myself have
doubted the sanity of maintainers sometimes in the past, thinking "how dare
you" when killing my favourite pet feature. I have stood up for maintainer
decisions when I saw the overall benefit for some unpopular change. I know
both sides.

As a community, we are striving to improve open source in general and openSUSE
in particular. Although we share this goal we are all individuals, with
different opionions how this vision looks like in detail. But over all
disagreements, there is no tolerance for uncivility, offense or violence. I
think the board showed it shares this view, I hopefully did myself with this
letter, and I think everyone else should do as well*.

Kind regards,


* in most cases, I am strictly against "me too" statements - but there are
occasion where keeping quiet is not the best thing you can do.

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