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Re: [opensuse-factory] rpmlint 1.10 about to enter openSUSE Factory

On 09/10/2017 21:27, Dirk Müller wrote:

After a few weeks of porting, rpmlint 1.10 is hopefully going to enter
openSUSE Factory soon. This is a two years (!) newer version of
rpmlint than the previous one (1.8) and is now based on python 3.6
instead of python 2.7 like before. A full run over openSUSE:Factory
standard x86_64 binary packages doesn't seem to be indicating blocking
issues, as well as a full rebuild of Ring-1 against the rpmlint-mini
succeeded with no new failures.

There are about 150 changes upstream as well as fully python 3.x
ported versions of the SUSE downstream checks in this update. Although
that sounds a lot I patched the initial submission a lot in order to
focus mainly on producing a similar rpmlint check result like the old
version except for a few noteworthy changes:

- env-script-interpreter: This is a new check that has a Badness of 9.
The value is so low because it triggers tremendously often right now.
Basically, for shell scripts installed with chmod +x in the typical
binary directories like /usr/bin and the like, it is alerting when the
script shebang starts with "#!.*env ". The intention here is to avoid
the rpm-dependency logic add a file-depends on /usr/bin/env (which is
useless) and have the *actual* interpreter added as dependency
instead. So to silence the warning, something like

sed -i -e "1 s,#! */usr/bin/env python,#!/usr/bin/python2,"

is needed. This lets the rpm-dependency magic add a proper
file-depends on /usr/bin/python2, pulling in python-base if it isn't
installed already.

- fixes for soft-dependencies. Ever since the rpm 4.12 update in
Factory, rpmlint was not able to read soft dependencies (Suggests,
Recommends, Supplements, Enhances) anymore, which prevented a pile of
related checks from working. This has now been fixed, which causes
those to fire again. Most obvious one are the branding policy checks
that were silent for some time. As those are not contributing to
Badness right now, it shouldn't cause additional build failures.

Other than that, the python 3.x switch had triggered quite some
fallout everywhere, which I hopefully found and fixed all. if not,
please report new issues including a link to the build logs (project +
package name !) via bugzilla to me (dmueller@xxxxxxxx). On the
positive side, the new version seems to be consistently (about 5-10%)
faster than the python 2.x version, which is a nice benefit :)


Has anything changed for boo#1057216 where symlinks to image files under /usr/share are wrongly detected as arch dependent binaries?

Dave P
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