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[opensuse-factory] XFCE upcoming / planned stuff

(cc'ing Takashi, who does not yet know about my plans even though we are
co-maintaining X11:xfce ;-)

Now that the XFCE stuff in Factory is somewhat reasonably current, I'd like to
propose a change in the default setup.
I'd like to switch to the whiskermenu panel plugin
( as a default start menu.

Existing setups will not be changed, just the default for new users.

The way this would be achieved would be a change in xfce4-branding-openSUSE
package (actually
xfce4-panel-branding-openSUSE) to the panel config, and that package then would
get a "Requires:
This requires would lead to ~500kB wasted space for people who do not want to
use whiskermenu, but that's it, it won't
do no harm otherwise.

If there are no objections, then I'd submit this soon (first to X11:xfce, then
to Factory).

And that brings me to the second point: I'm trying to bring the XFCE Live CDs
OK, the ISO's are too big for CDs, but work well as DVD or hybridpersistent USB

If you want to try them out *now*, grab them from

If there are no serious issues reported, I'd submit them to X11:xfce (and then
announce the new location).

There are 4 images available:

XFCE-Leap-42.3-latest => XFCE from X11:xfce
XFCE-Leap-42.3-stable => XFCE as shipped in Leap 42.3
XFCE-Tumbleweed-latest => XFCE from X11:xfce
XFCE-Tumbleweed-stable => XFCE as shipped in Tumbleweed

The latter two should be pretty identical right now, but once I submit the
above whiskermenu change to X11:xfce the
Tumbleweed-latest variant will get the newer look.


Have a lot of fun...


(Once I get around the kiwi kinks, I'll also try to resurrect the XFCE based
openSUSE Rescue sytem image)
Stefan Seyfried

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -- Richard Feynman
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