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Re: [opensuse-factory] RFC: Proposed relocation of /var/lib/rpm
Hi there,

On Thu, 05 Oct 2017, 09:47:25 +0200, Richard Brown wrote:
Thanks everyone for the feedback so far

The vast majority of feedback seems to not object to the idea of
moving the rpmdb out of /var, but there is obviously a fair bit of
concern that /usr/share is not the correct place for it

We don't want to 'double book' /usr/lib/rpm which is already in use by
rpm, but I can definitely see the logic of having it in /usr/lib

Therefore my proposal now is that we'll use /usr/lib/rpmdb as the new
location for the rpmdb location, and I'm changing my patchset

I look at this topic from a completely different angle (though it might
be related to the view of btrfs maintainers/users caring for how the
file system is structured): I always put /var on a separate partition,
nowadays living on a rotating disk (actually two disks combined into one
raid1) to ensure the ssd hosting the root file system doesn't get
written to too frequently. While I can bind-mount any directory from
/usr to the rotating disk, I agree with other posters that /usr doesn't
sound right. I admit this doesn't help at all with the snapshot/rollback
issue, though. Nevertheless, I thought this point of view might help
with the whole discussion, too.



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