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Re: [opensuse-factory] Multiple options for desktop on Login
On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 10:42 +0100, Michael Aquilina wrote:
Hi there,

I noticed there are multiple desktop choices when logging in with
Tumbleweed (Gnome).

I have:
* Gnome
* Gnome
* Gnome on Xorg
* IceWM

It is 'almost' correct the way it is now, there is one 'GNOME' too much
in the list which is a side-effect of the reworked 'system default
desktop environment' - which used to be configured in
/etc/ssyconfig/windowmanager and is now handled by update-alternatives.

We are definitively not yet happy with how it behaves and looks
(especially the duplicated 'gnome' entry)

The sessions actually represent a collapsed view over
(in case your GDM runs in wayland mode... otherwise it's only

in xsessions, we have:
default.desktop -> gnome.desktop (symlink for by update-alternatives)
gnome.desktop the default 'gnome' entry
gnome-xorg.desktop: an explicit X11-based session. in case gdm runs in
x11 mode, it is an alias to 'gnome.desktop'
icewm.desktop and any others are unrlated

in wayland-sessions we have
gnome.desktop - the default GNOME session on wayland.

Now, gdm does some 'magic' to collapse things: if gdm runs in wayland
mode, the wayland-session/gnome.desktop masks xsessios/gnome.desktop
(which is why a gnome-xorg.desktop is offered - in case one needs/wants
to test if an issue is specific to waylan or x11 sessions)

if gdm runs in x-mode, then the various entries are really all too
confusing. Even worse, the 'default.desktop' link does not mask the
gnome from wayland, so if gdm is in wayland mode, you have basically no
chance of knowing which of the dessions is X and which is wayland.

Currently, we are working out solutions that won't break all
assumptions as replacement for the sysconfig mode, but will also
cleanup the list shown.

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