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Re: [opensuse-factory] Yast hangs with Software Management
On 27/09/17 10:08 AM, Fabian Wein wrote:
I have a latest TW,

Yast hangs with Software Management. After loading the repositories the window
turns blank and I need to kill manually.

 From y2log I assume the problem is

2017-09-27 15:59:33 <2> eamc061(1863) [qt-ui]
<libqt-warning> QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
2017-09-27 15:59:33 <5> eamc061(1863) [zypp]
Error: signal 11

2017-09-27 15:59:33 <5> eamc061(1863) [zypp]
[bt]: (46) /usr/lib64/ :
QWidget::create(unsigned long long, bool, bool)+0xfd [0x7f6b6dfc22cd]
2017-09-27 15:59:33 <2> eamc061(1863) [Ruby] yast/builtins.rb:586 tostring
builtin called on wrong type Class
2017-09-27 15:59:33 <3> eamc061(1863) [Ruby] yast/wfm.rb:253 Client call failed
with 'stack level too deep' (SystemStackError) and backtrace
["(eval):3:in `call_yast_function'", "(eval):3:in `OpenDialog'",
"/usr/share/YaST2/modules/PackagesUI.rb:315:in `RunPackageSelector'",
"/usr/share/YaST2/clients/sw_single.rb:597:in `StartSWSingle'",
"/usr/share/YaST2/clients/sw_single.rb:74:in `main'",
"/usr/share/YaST2/clients/sw_single.rb:814:in `<top (required)>'",
"/usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/2.4.0/yast/wfm.rb:300:in `eval'",
"/usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/2.4.0/yast/wfm.rb:300:in `run_client'",
"/usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/2.4.0/yast/wfm.rb:206:in `call_builtin'",
"/usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/2.4.0/yast/wfm.rb:206:in `call_builtin_wrapper'",
`CallFunction'", "/usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2start:56:in `<main>'"]
2017-09-27 15:59:33 <3> eamc061(1863) [Ruby] yast/wfm.rb:275 Internal error.
Please report a bug report with logs.
Run save_y2logs to get complete logs.
Details: stack level too deep
Caller:  (eval):3:in `call_yast_function'

Is this know, are there workarounds, shall I open a bugreport?



Please submit a bug report.


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