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Re: [opensuse-factory] SUSE Studio Express questions
On 22/09/17 02:12 PM, S. wrote:
Congrats to the team on getting this integration rolling. Quick question:

> Since OBS already builds images for various environments, we will first add a
new image building GUI to OBS. This combined solution will now
> be delivered as “SUSE Studio Express”.

Currently when I go to I just see a landing
page with links to the OBS image templates and some
instructions. But I don't see a new GUI or visual way of putting together a custom image,
except for the "Edit Kiwi" section. Is the full GUI
still forthcoming?

And what about external repositories? It appears that non-OBS RPM repos added
to Studio Express fail unless they have the `obs:/` scheme
address. So that means no adding external repos such as Packman? (As a matter
of fact, it looks like none of my repos from the SuseStudio import
work, even the openSUSE OSS ones, since they use an `http://` URL scheme.)

Also, with the "KIWI Image Templates for openSUSE Leap 42.3", which would I use
for a live ISO image that can run on physical hardware? All the
current templates seem to be only for virtualization systems.

> other features are not on the roadmap like test drive

I'll sure miss this one. As the developer of GeckoLinux with no less than
seventeen (17) different ISO editions, the test drive was the single
biggest time saver that allowed me to test configurations. It even had a
fascinating feature where you could see what files were getting changed
during the test drive session, complete with diffs of the changes, and then you
could hand pick which modified files to overlay in the final
ISO. I learned so much about how and where the different desktop environments
save their settings thanks to this feature.

I've learned to really appreciate SuseStudio despite all of its quirks and
intricacies. I hope that the OBS / Studio Express feature set can be
eventually improved to gradually come close to parity. SuseStudio, you will be
missed! :-)

All of the templates on are missing.


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