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Re: [opensuse-factory] CUDA on Tumbleweed and HEVC/H.265 decoding
Martin Herkt wrote:
Sounds like a permission issue. Make sure the nvidia-uvm module is loaded and
your user is a member of the video group. Note: the GTX 750 will not support
HEVC via CUDA either. GTX 750 SE (which is a newer model) does.
It won’t work if vdpauinfo doesn’t show at least the HEVC_MAIN capability.
CUDA only adds is 10-bit support.

You don’t need to install the CUDA SDK to use the CUVID functionality that is
needed for hardware decoding.

Also, CUDA has known bugs. 10-bit decoding is broken in various ways (don’t
expect Rec. 2020/HDR to work) and even 8-bit will not always decode
Expect frame corruption, flickering, random lines of garbage at the bottom of
the screen, and juddery playback because CUDA messes with the timestamps.

I found out, that "mpv" with --hwdec=cuda works perfectly with H.264
videos on my graphics cards. The answer from svencdack shows additional

Unfortunately there is a regression in Nvidia driver. Currently I use
384.69 from nvidia-tumbleweed repository.

With some older Nvidia driver versions, I had VDPAU as "Current Video
Playback Profile" for the MythTV frontend. This worked perfectly for
H.264 videos and OK for H.265 (CPU usage was relatively high and
sometimes I had audio/videos dropouts). With my GTX 750 H.265 decoding
was done with CPU and additional filtering and video playback was done
with the VDPAU driver. Now with Nvidia 384.69 the display is completely
black for H.265 videos. It still works with H.264 videos. As a result I
can not use the VDPAU profile anymore, because I use H.264 for
downloaded videos and H.265 for live and recorded DVB-T2 HD videos in
Germany together on the same PC. I am not sure, where I should report
this problem.

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