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Re: [opensuse-factory] Questionable mirrors
Den 2017-09-13 kl. 13:52, skrev Per Jessen:
No. It does not work like that. RIPE-db is at best considered if there
is no other option. Trust me on this. Been doing IP registry for 23
years now.
Okay, how about explaining how it does work then?

It is empirical findings. Especially the country field in inetnum (see
below). When it comes to Maxmind no one except Maxmind them self can say
how it really works. But it is not country code in inetnum in ripe-db as
a first criteria. Maybe the last one and sometimes even not that.
Maxmind said in some old correspondence with me that they do traceroute
and ping to triangulate the position of an IP address.

When I started to get phone calls and emails about IP addresses in
"wrong" region I contacted Maxmind (and others. ip2location, akamai
etc.) to correct the data. At that point you could email data about the
network and somebody changed it. I sent exactly the same we had in
ripe-db as inetnum and it got changed. But they never took a second look
in ripe-db. At that point I gathered that they probably had trawled the
database at some point and didn't bother to do it again. Why? I don't
know. Today it's worse. You have to fill in a web form to get things
corrected. And even at that point you don't have any guarantees that it
will be corrected. We, as owner of large IP range, don't have any say in
what info the glue to our IP adresses. Maxmind is selling incorrect info
and people seems to be okay with that.

Check this out:

And especially this:

"this process may take 2-3 weeks. We do not accept requests to change
anonymous proxy or VPN IP addresses. We do not guarantee acceptance of
all corrections."


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