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[opensuse-factory] kmail hangs with 100% CPU
  • From: Achim Gratz <Stromeko@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 19:03:18 +0200
  • Message-id: <87poayiizt.fsf@Rainer.invalid>

Since the KDEPIM update in August akonadi would at random times start
using up CPU and had some errors in the mysql error log about deadlocks.
So I moved the ~/.local/share/akonadi directory aside and let it create
a new one. That worked and it also seemed to have indexed some stuff
that for whatever reason it hadn't before. However, kmail now
completely freaks out when encountering large folders (they're local
maildirs) and just hangs with 100% CPU and no further reaction. It
doesn't appear to try and communicate with akonadi or anything else, it
just hangs. Sometimes it tells it has either threaded or processed some
large percentage of the entries (however the total number doesn't match
what's in the folder), but there is absolutely no reaction to whatever
attempts at leaving the folder or anything else.

The largest folder that still works has 4091 entries, the next size up
that fails is 5506 mails (about 200 of that are in a sub-folder,

So I've moved the old directory back and I can use these folders again.
The wierd background activity from mysqld (CPU + I/O, both can be
stopped by doing an "akonadictl restart", but will return after some
activity in kmail) is back as are these errors in mysql.err:

2017-09-10 18:52:16 7f5328a0fb00 InnoDB: Error: Fetch of persistent statistics
requested for table "akonadi"."tagtypetable" but the required system tables
mysql.innodb_table_stats and mysql.innodb_index_stats are not present or have
unexpected structure. Using transient stats instead.
2017-09-10 18:53:32 7f530abff700 InnoDB: Error: Column last_update in table
"mysql"."innodb_table_stats" is INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL but should be BINARY(4)
NOT NULL (type mismatch).

Does anybody have an idea what is going on and how to fix it properly?

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