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Re: [opensuse-factory] New package clustershell

On Sep 8, 2017, at 10:22 PM, Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On vendredi, 8 septembre 2017 19.31:21 h CEST Stephane Thiell wrote:

Please consider my incoming submitrequest of package clustershell to

I’m in the development team of ClusterShell and I already build RPM packages
for other distros.

ClusterShell consists in a Python library and cli tools to ease and improve
cluster and server farms system administration. More info at .

In our case, ClusterShell is a building block of our HPC stack at the
Stanford Research Computing Center, used on server farms just as well as on
large HPC clusters. The project is now 10-year old, was originally
initiated at the CEA, France where it is used there on even larger clusters
(several thousands of nodes). Its strength is the handling of
multi-dimensional node sets and also node groups, with the ability to bind
with external sources to define node groups. ClusterShell optionally uses a
tree mode command propagation scheme (over ssh, mrsh, etc.) to execute
administrative commands in a scalable way. The project has recently
regained in development activity and interest from users but also HPC
vendors, especially with Python 3 support in the next release.

This is why I would like to maintain this package in Factory, devel feeder
project would be network:cluster, where a request is currently pending. Let
me know if you have any question.

Thanks much!

Stephane Thiell

Thanks Stephane for the introduction, and the effort.

I wonder why you didn't go for devel:languages:python repository if this is
«just» a Python framework ?

Hi Bruno!

Good point. I think there are two kind of users of ClusterShell, developers who
use the library to build their own cluster apps, and end users (eg. sysadmins)
just using the cli tools (like clush, nodeset/cluset). Seeing current packages
in network:cluster, it just made sense to me to feed it from there, to emphasis
on the ‘cluster' aspect. But I don’t mind using devel:languages:python at all
if you think it’s better.



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