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Re: [opensuse-factory] Maintainer wanted for rzsz and wvdial
On Monday 2017-09-04 16:31, James Knott wrote:

On 09/04/2017 10:27 AM, David Sterba wrote:
I'd like to keep wvdial around, I use it for connecting my laptop(s)
through a mobile phone on occasion.

Does anyone still do that? I haven't used dial up for almost 15 years.
My cell phone provides a network connection.

Exporting/sharing a connection (over WLAN, BT or USB) is different. If
that functionality is available, use it. Dealing with modems and modem
software directly is not a lot of fun I can tell.

The Hayes Command Set, if you choose to use it, has a "dial" command
that must be used, even if there is no concept of dialing on modern data
networks. So you just input a magic code.

~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } }
}%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!}
}4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } }
}%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!}
}4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } }
}%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~~}#!}!}!}
}4}"}&} } } } }%}&}"ڑ}'}"}(}"[~

Seems like the modern chips no longer support voice calling (the old way
of modems talking).


But given a sufficiently vintage modem (perhaps with a vintage phone),
that could be another way of getting a data line, though not a generally
well-performing one.

And that's probably why they still call it dialing...

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