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Re: [opensuse-factory] OpenJDK 1.8.0/SeaMonkey 2.48 incompatibility on Leap 42.3
Simon Lees composed on 2017-09-02 11:47 (UTC+0930):
Tristan Miller wrote:

It seems it is not possible to install the latest official release of
OpenJDK (1.8.0, from the update repository) together with the latest
official release of SeaMonkey (2.48, from the mozilla repository) on
Leap 42.3.

FWIW, the SeaMonkey 2.48 with which I write this on openSUSE came from

Zypper and YaST tell me that this is because seamonkey-2.48-1.3.x86_64
requires mozilla-nspr >= 4.15, whereas
java-1_8_0-openjdk-headless- requires
mozilla-nss = 3.28.5.
This is likely not a packaging bug, nor a bug at all, its a design
decision we have taken with Leap to stay at a fixed version of many
software components for stability, as such its not going to always be
possible to install the latest versions of software like seamonkey on
leap as we don't meet there version requirements for dependencies.

Surely something must be wrong with *something*, if not packaging, that any
java* package can require any specific mozilla* (Portable Runtime) package that
can block keeping a web browser, particularly a mozilla browser, current.
"Latest" SeaMonkey isn't even current. Current arguably would be the yet to be
released SeaMonkey 2.49.x, equivalent to Firefox ESR52/rv52, which *is* in
standard 42.3 update repo.
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