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Re: [opensuse-factory] Packages from OBS repositories
Dne pátek 1. září 2017 15:36:19 CEST, martin@xxxxxxxxxxx napsal(a):
On Fri, 2017-09-01 at 14:22 +0200, Vojtěch Zeisek wrote:
Dne pátek 1. září 2017 14:04:02 CEST, Richard Brown napsal(a):
On 1 September 2017 at 13:59, Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@telefonica
.net> wrote:
On 2017-09-01 13:48, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
Well, contact the maintainer, and find an agreement. If they
don't care about Factory, it is still your turn.

No, as a user, it is never my turn.

If that is your attitude, then I would also think that it is never
your turn to talk on this mailinglist
But clearly, as you're posting on this mailinglist, you think
you're entitled to engage in this discussion, and I welcome that.
With that same spirit I welcome, encourage, and strongly suggest
you to contribute in the way Jan suggests.

As I'm not contributing by packaging (by some other ways I do), I do
bit hesitate to require more work from packagers by submitting dozens,
may be hundreds of their packages from their OBS project to Factory...
Also, requirements to software packages in openFATE are not super-popular,
I'd say, if I can... (OK, bit long time ago I submitted several requests,
nothing happened, I haven't used it recently.)

Actually if you just politely ask for package, and its doable, you
might be surprised that people will help you/create package/get package
to distribution. One of first packages that I got to TW is screenfetch
and reason why I did this was either reddit or g+ discussion about
packages that people are missing most often in TW (I myself actually
never used screenfetch before).

Of course, if I ask someone to do something in his free time, I must be
polite. :-) There are two different cases. Some packages are in various OBS
repositories. I have no idea how much more effort/responsibility/whatever is
then required from the maintainer when the package goes from OBS project to
Factory. Other case is if I wish some software package, which is currently
totally missing in any OBS repository. Whom to ask? Again, I don't know how
much effort is required to maintain more and more packages...

Vojtěch Zeisek
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