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Re: [opensuse-factory] Maintainer wanted for rzsz and wvdial

Am Dienstag, 22. August 2017, 22:26:54 CEST schrieb Benoît Monin:
26/07/2017 Tomas Chvatal :
I am looking for volunteers to maintain the two packages in $SUBJ.

I realized that rzsz was dropped from factory today and just sent
the maintainership request.

How do I restore it to factory ? I can't find the package in

No idea why it isn't in openSUSE:Dropped - someone else will need to
answer this.

osc se rzsz lists the package in several repos, and it seems
Base:System was the devel project. Actually your request to become
maintainer there was accepted 5 hours ago.

To get the package back into factory, just do a submit request to
factory, like you'd do for adding a new package to factory.

and the wiki¹ is a bit scarse.

Yeah, "TBA" isn't really helpful ;-)

Feel free to add "if the package still or again exists in the devel
repo, do a SR to factory" to the wiki page. Maybe a hint about "osc
undelete" could also be helpful - but AFAIK that has to be done by a
project maintainer.


Christian Boltz
[Evolution - Message-ID] Oh ja... Apropos: die libcamel (die fuer
diesen Muell verantwortlich ist) ist, aehm. "interessant" zu lesen...
Und NEIN! Ich habe keine Lust, den Muell zu fixen. Es sei denn, man
zahlt mir Schmerzensgeld. [David Haller in suse-linux]

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