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Re: [opensuse-factory] Changing Architecture level for 32bit x86 to x86-64
On Tue, 2017-08-15 at 11:53 +0200, Richard Biener wrote:
SLES 15 will change the architecture level for 32bit x86 package
to x86-64 to match the 64bit x86 builds as the only use for the 32bit
packages are to run on a 64bit SLES install.

I propose to do the same for Tumbleweed.

So you basically send our 32bit users (i586) away - what do we actually
WIN by this?

Requiring x86-64 means (ontop of the current i586 level) requiring

That cuts off (from a look at GCC internals) CPUs with nickname
pentium-mmx, c3-2, i686, pentiumpro pentium2 pentium3, pentium3m,
geode, k6, k6-2, k6-3, athlon, athlon-tbird, athlon-4, athlon-xp,
athlon-mp. Most of those will have difficulties running Tumbleweed
due to low memory (I remember my Athlon box having 16MB of ram which
was plenty at the time).

A i686 with a couple GB of ram is nothing special I'd say.

Advantages of raising the architecture level is better performance
of 32bit applications on 64bit and a simpler repository setup
(no more glibc.i686).

Bonus points for somebody finding a table mapping architecture
features to products rather than the other way around.

Thus - check your /proc/cpuinfo for the lack of MMX/SSE/SSE2/FXSR
and report back.

Sadly, we will not get a feedback from all machines running TW - so we
frankly have no idea what machine will 'stop working from one day to

Of course this is no issue for SLE/Leap, where there is simply no i586
support - I see it slightly different for TW and before accepting any
such thing, we should get an understanding of what we break and how
many users/machines we 'send away'

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