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Re: [opensuse-factory] Next steps for Firefox on TW
Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
- it's technically possible to update MozillaFirefox to 55.0 now

Great. Thanks for your work.

I can imagine that the upstream tool chain changes are a major PITA.

- I will add Firefox ESR as a _new_ package to TW called firefox-esr
(recognize the small inconsistency in naming but MozillaFirefox is
called like that for historical reasons. It provides also "firefox" as
virtual name since many many years.) (still can be discussed)
- the result is that current MozillaFirefox users will be upgraded to
latest version and people who want to stay with ESR need to act.


- there is one main question which I'm a bit undecided still:
How to handle parallel installations? Do we want to allow that?
This will need some patching work since otherwise both will run on the
same profile. That is also the reason why switching between both is
dangerous (remember the incompatible statement above).
There is a technical way to circumvent this (still to be verified) by
changing the profile patch for ESR away from .mozilla to something
else (.mozilla-esr?) but this will be an openSUSE specific thing!

I'm inclined to say the user is on its own anyway. Regarding profile
compability there
are many ways a user can shoot himself in the foot (e.g. by install Mozilla's
own builds
back and forth).

Provided it makes sense at all IMHO the firefox upstream developers should
implement a
warning dialogue for preventing the user to accidently use an incompatible
profile. It's
not Linux distribution packagers' business.

Ciao, Michael.

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