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Re: [opensuse-factory] External Drive for a Backup - errors
Patrick Shanahan:
* james <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [08-08-17 21:26]:
If you would like I can include as an attachment

***no*** post it on susepaste or dropbox or google or ....

the results of the GSmartControl test that contradicts what you say
about the hardware. Also, the drive is 6 months old from Apple as is
the cord. Got news for ya, Apple don't make junk that goes bad in 6

anyone can have a production problem and sub-par/defects sneak out.

This worked fine in the last install which was just days or weeks ago.
Now, it is crap.

shit happens

So, tell me more how this is on my end and worship this faulty software.
I am about on the verge of leaving SUSE, I'm sure you'd miss me...
tired of this blame game and offering little real help. IRC is about as
useful as tits on a boar too.

grow up. your failure and/or inability to provide requested information
and properly describe conditions to affect a solution are not on us. we
routinely attach remote drives and boot from them and backup to them using
openSUSE. I have a usb stick running Tw I use for trouble shooting
windows computers and I can update it and add/subtract applications ....

Check the fricken posts on this thread before you jump in and tell me to
grow up. the facts you ask for have been done. do your research before
insulting me.
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