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Re: [opensuse-factory] SuSE Leap 42.3 package drm-kmp-default does not work properly on Acer Veriton M480G
Gentle reader,

I did - as a matter of course - reboot my machine before and after each
installation respective deinstallation of drm-kmp-default.

The malfunction is clearly an effect of a race condition.

I am using fvwm2/xdm, very well established, definitely non-"cool"
pieces of software consuming a very little amount of system resources.

The main "fat" application is a Mozilla Firefox, which runs several
JavaScript based system monitoring tools (Icinga, code produced by High
Energy Physicists) and consumes a lot of memory.

The login prompt of xdm was garbled (blank) after the initial system
startup reliably, after a "systemctl restart display-manager" after the
completion of the boot process, from a text console or via xrdp it
showed not defects.

The system went into trashing - I was able to monitor this by a thin
client on xrdp - during movement of windows, e.g. xterm, implying
directly handled memory transfer under drm.

The locally connected keyboard and mouse were disabled, too.

Killing the local X server (from the xrdp session) helped several times,
while the xrdp server did not cause problems.

Yours sincerely

Christoph-Erdmann Pfeiler

Am 08.08.2017 um 09:05 schrieb opensuse.lietuviu.kalba:
2017.08.07 21:21, Takashi Iwai rašė:
Possibly a bug that was already fixed in the upcoming update, or
possibly a still remaining issue.

Please check drm-kmp update at

You'd need to uninstall drm-kmp-default at first, then install it
again. It's a known problem of the conflicts with the same version.

I also had similar problem in DELL laptop with integrated Intel
i5-4300M GPU (4th Generation, Haswell). This update for me fixed
issues related with i915: desktop no longer hang, KDE Plasma no longer
notifies about graphics reset, no longer so often opens DrKonqi for
Plasma crash or various other components, desktop no longer restarts
at high usage of computer. Note, I needed to restart computer to make
effect of updated drm-kmp-default (just update in running system did
not changed situation). Thanks!

What was associated bug number for this update?

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