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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed 32-bit roadmap?
Simon Lees wrote:
On 02/08/17 22:45, Richard Biener wrote:
On Wed, 2 Aug 2017, Mari Donkers wrote:

To quote : "openSUSE Tumbleweed is a
rolling release which has a lifetime of 'forever', assuming you are
running the latest updated packages."

What is the roadmap concerning Tumbleweed for Intel 32-bit (i586)
architecture? Will it supported into the dim and distant future?

Or will it maybe turn into a repository providing multilib stuff for
x86_64 only? A first step would be to raise the minimum architecture
level to that of x86_64, a second step would be to drop support for
running a 32bit kernel (but still allow to install a full 32bit

How many people really care for running _Tumbleweed_ on ancient
(<= i586) hardware?

Well a openSUSE way of looking at it is, while it works and it passes QA
there is no point in dropping it. Once it stops working, if no one steps
into fix it (like what happened with Leap) then there is very good
reason to drop it.

That pretty much describes the situation at the moment. So far TW
was close to drop i586 several times already but then someone
managed to fix it last minute again.
In case i586 support needs to be dropped indeed at some point there
would still be the option for someone to maintain it in a ports
project at different pace.


(o_ Ludwig Nussel
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