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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE BugHunting 2017
Carlos E. R. composed on 2017-08-01 21:51 (UTC+0200):

Felix Miata wrote:

A good working tracker also depends on reporters following up. If the bug
get touched while the release it affects was supported, and reporter has
switched to a supported release in which reporter can reproduce, reporter
update the bug to the current release and not wait on triagers, QA or
to notice. If the bug amounts to a blocker WRT to the reporter, he should
that too. IOW, reporters shouldn't wait for activity that may or may not
if they care about their own reports.

The reporter has to find some way to work around the bug, if it affects
him, so probably he does not see it happening. After reporting, there is
nothing more he can do to solve the issue except waiting. Which is what
I do. I don't usually nag people "what about my issue?" every month.
Less than once per distribution release on an otherwise untouched bug is also
bad. Some reasonable frequency might be accompanied by enough recollection to be
able to undo the workaround long enough to do useful bug follow-up. automatically "pings" every CC member of a still open bug on
a release right after that release's support ends, via a comment to that effect.
Only after lack of appropriate subsequent follow-up may such bugs be
automatically closed due to age.

IMO anyone who has registered for BOO ought to find a link at the bottom of
every page that is a search for all open bugs /reported/, just like there is one
one now (named "My Bugs") for all bugs to which assigned. I have such a link,
but I can't figure out a way to determine whether or not I created it myself.
With it it would be a routine matter to see a list of bugs reported and thus see
quickly from last modified dates if the time has ripened for a ping or other

I'm not a developer, yet I have 8 saved BOO searches. :-)
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