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Re: [opensuse-factory] prosody fails to start since updating lua51-luasocket
Am 2017-08-01 um 07:06 schrieb Maximilian Trummer:
Recently the package "lua51-luasocket" changed from being an openSUSE
package to only being available in

Here is zypper's message:
Problem: Problem mit installiertem Paket
Lösung 1: lua51-luasocket-3.0~rc1+git20170515.5a17f79-6.1.x86_64
installieren (mit Anbieterwechsel)
openSUSE --> obs://

I accepted this change, but since then, prosody fails to start, showing
this message:
$ sudo prosodyctl start
lua5.1: /usr/bin/prosodyctl:428: attempt to index global 'socket' (a
nil value)
stack traceback:
/usr/bin/prosodyctl:428: in function '?'
/usr/bin/prosodyctl:861: in main chunk
[C]: ?

There is a similar bug for Debian too, including a possible fix:

I installed prosody from devel:languages:lua after seeing this fix
but I still can't connect to other servers.

Aug 01 09:22:47 adns warn DNS socket for x.x.x.x disconnected:
connection timeout

Trying to install Prosody on vanilla Tumbleweed is also not possible
anymore, because it's missing lua51-luasocket in the main repo.
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