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Re: [opensuse-factory] Akregator looses feed list
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On 06/28/2017 07:49 PM, Chan Ju Ping wrote:

It happened again! But this time there was noticeably more
discrepencies when pulling in feeds. When I trigger fetching feeds,
the items do not get assigned dates and after restarting, get
assigned dates in the year 2106.

This is presumably a bug (bug 1021396).

I'm using Leap (mostly 42.2, but just switched to 42.3), so my
comments might not be directly applicable. But I have seen similar
behavior on Tumbleweed when I have tested akregator there.

You probably have akregator set to delete archived items after 30 days
(or some such time limit). The behavior that you describe happens
when akregator loads an item which is older than your time limit. The
item then shows up without a date. After stopping and restarting
akregator, it shows up with a ridiculous future date.

Here's how I deal with that problem:

I set akregator to keep all archives (don't expire them). Then
occasionally -- around once a month -- I switch it to expire archives
after 30 days. Then I shutdown and restart akregator. Then I wait a
few minutes, after which I configure to keep all archives. Then I
stop and restart again.

The purpose is to clean out old archives. But a few of those old
messages do come back, but with their correct date. I usually just
mark those as read without bothering to read them again. You can
recognize them because they are at the end of the list (if sorted by

I do occasionally see duplicates. I think that's a different bug,
though I don't know if it has been reported. It is rare enough to not
be a serious problem.

Sometimes akregator fails to register that an item has already been
read. But after restarting indicates that it has been read.

Yes, I'm seeing that too. Again, not often enough to be a serious

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