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Re: [opensuse-factory] Can't mount fat32 USB sticks anymore
Christian Boltz composed on 2017-06-25 09:51 (UTC+0200):

schrieb Pierre de Villemereuil composed:

If it helps, Gparted recognise the partition of the USB sticks not
working as "iso9660" (I'm positive they're in fat32 and they are
recognised as fat32 on the other laptop), while the USB stick that is
working is actually recognised as a fat32.

That might explain it.

What Gparted sees is the partition type byte as stored in the partition
table. You wrote that the sticks were used as live installers before, so
it's likely that the partition type was indeed set to iso9660 [1].

The file system inside the partition is something completely unrelated,
even if it would be nice if it matches the partition type. (Think of the
difference between file name extensions and what the file command tells
you about a file.)

I woldn't be surprised if changing the partition type with fdisk or
Gparted would be enough to solve your problem ;-)...
To change the name of the stick, the "fatlabel" command might help
[1] AFAIK there isn't a partition type specific to iso9660.
According to type 96 is iso9660.
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