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Re: [opensuse-factory] mysql-community-server no longer in TW?
On 6/22/17 8:49 PM, Bjoern Voigt wrote:
Richard Brown wrote:
These packages are not 'offical' SUSE or openSUSE packages

They are provided by Oracle/MySQL, from Oracle/MySQL servers. If you
want Oracle to add Tumbleweed support to their packages, I would
suggest you contact them.

The Oracle and SUSE/openSUSE MySQL repositories are connected, because
all are based on the same Gibhub project. The build service repositories
use generated RPM files from this project:
I do not see how you establish a link between the mysql-packaging
github project. I am under the impression that generator is used to
generate our mariadb specfile used for our mariadb packages in
Look at this:

That does not explain how "The Oracle and SUSE/openSUSE MySQL
repositories are connected" - there is zero relation between rpms
provided by oracle and openSUSE mysql-packaging github project. This
project serves purpose of sharing common parts of spec files/patches
between different versions of MariaDB and MySQL (MySQL community edition).

I am really not sure which other repositories are you talking about,
both MySQL and MariaDB are developed in server:database, thus they come
from same repository.

I would also like to avoid any potential confusion - openSUSE never
provided supported "Oracle MySQL", only community edition of MySQL.

Last but not least, apart from referencing support statements by third
party software, and stating lack of interest in switching from MySQL to
MariaDB I have not seen any technical (as in missing functionality)
reason to keep MySQL (whose development is anyways limited nowadays, and
Oracle's shift to providing only cloud services, not software is making
this questionable investment of time/resources anyways).

That being sad anybody interested in keeping MySQL in Factory is of
course free to do so.



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