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Re: [opensuse-factory] mysql-community-server no longer in TW?
On Wed, 2017-06-21 at 10:23 +0300, Robert Munteanu wrote:

I just ran into an application that requires MySQL 5.6 and does not
support MariaDB.

I then noticed that mysql-community-server is no longer available for

$ zypper se mysql-community-server
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No matching items found

Is that intended? Is there an intention to phase it out from Leap as

As least as intended as an explicit delete request:

osc rq show 502373
Request: #502373

delete: openSUSE:Factory/mysql-community-server

Noone is interested in maintaining this anymore.

State: accepted 2017-06-17T08:20:49 dimstar_suse
Comment: Accept to openSUSE:Factory

History: 2017-06-17T08:20:49 dimstar_suse Request got accepted
2017-06-17T08:20:48 dimstar_suse Request got reviewed
2017-06-17T08:20:48 dimstar_suse Review got accepted
2017-06-12T07:32:44 factory-repo-checker Review got accepted
2017-06-09T15:12:43 dimstar_suse Review got accepted
2017-06-09T15:12:42 dimstar_suse Request got a new review
2017-06-08T14:35:02 factory-repo-checker Review got reopened
2017-06-08T13:17:19 licensedigger Review got accepted
2017-06-08T13:16:13 factory-auto Review got accepted
2017-06-08T13:16:12 factory-auto Request got a new review
2017-06-08T13:15:05 pluskalm Request created

The rule is like always: if somebody cares enough to start to take on
maintainership, it can re-appear. Otherwise it needs to stay out

For Leap, this means it will be around for the life-time of 42.x but
won't find its way into 15.x.

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