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Re: [opensuse-factory] Userfriendliness of mailing list
That argument sounds really 90ies, sorry to say that. Any forum since dozens of
years is customable, you subscribe only to the subjects you like, you can get
tailor made email digests etc.

I know the openSUSE forums, yes, but I think they really don't have the quality
of support needed, no really good answers are found there.

You might just take my comments not as an insult, but as the impression one
gets when trying to get more involved in openSUSE. And I use SUSE since 5.x,
however I also think that you also have to adapt to the technical standards
evolving over the time. SUSE community infrastructure seems not to have done

Am 18. Juni 2017 20:31:57 MESZ schrieb Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Larx composed on 2017-06-18 19:43 (UTC+0200):

This is slightly (completely) OT, but I really had to convince myself
to sign in to a mailing list one again..
You didn't have to:

Mailinglists with 90ies interfaces
Email offers a tried and true interface. Consistent interface, lack of
is one of its attractions. Subscribers are here by their own choices,
forced. We get to have legible black on white, or any other color
schemes of our
own choosing, and optimally sized text, without jumping through hoops
to get
them. And, we need not be online, or load a bloated web application, to
read our

Unwanted line wrapping of log files is avoided by either attaching to
email, or
pastebinning, the latter of which doesn't necessarily have to use In addition to other paste URLs there is the
option to
use personal web space.

I am really also appalled to hear network traffic limitations as a
reason for this - time has moved on and we should not longer take
modems into account.
Not everyone can live where broadband or unmetered bandwidth are
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