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Re: [opensuse-factory] Akregator looses feed list
On 17/06/17 05:49, Christian Boltz wrote:

since I installed the 20170613 tumbleweed snapshot, Akregator looses/
breaks its feed list. The only good thing is that the error message
mentions the exact filename (~/.local/share/akregator/data/feeds.opml) so
that it's easy to restore from backup ;-)

I had to restore the file twice already. I'm not 100% sure, but I
wouldn't be surprised if the file gets damaged on logout/shutdown.

After restoring feeds.opml, Akregator can be started normally and shows
all my feeds.

Is this a known issue or should I open a bugreport?

I reported this behaviour on 6 June in the openSUSE-KDE list, but there
was no response.

The system is Leap 42.2, "KDE5/Plasma", Plasma currently at the 5.10
level, though the trouble started with Plasma still at 5.9. The most
recent Akregator version to behave properly was 17.04.1-22.2.
The errant version currently in use is 17.04.2-24.4.

Except in one case (see below) I get an error on Akregator startup
headed "XML Parsing Error", with a message like "The standard feed list
is corrupted (invalid XML). A backup was created:
~/.local/share/akregator/data//feeds.opml-backup.1496381095". The
message detail goes on to say "XML parsing error in line 2, column 1 of
~/.local/share/akregator/data//feeds.opml: unexpected end of file".

When all this happens, my original feeds.opml file is replaced by a new
feeds.opml file of only 1 byte, without content. The promised backup is
not a backup of my original feeds.opml file, but only a copy of that
same blank 1 byte file. I then have to restore my preferred feeds by
importing a valid previously exported feeds.opml file using the
program's inbuilt export/import utility.

But even when I do that, I can find nothing at line 2, column 1 (nor
anywhere else in the file) that would account for the end-of-file error

Restarting the program after closing it from the main Akregator window's
"File=>Quit" menu item works fine. But the failure to restart properly
recurs on every occasion when the program is closed by means other than
that - eg using the "Close" button in the titlebar, or closing the
program from the Akregator item in the notification panel, or by logout
or system shutdown while Akregator is running.

Robin K
Wellington "Harbour City"
New Zealand
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