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Re: [opensuse-factory] after new install: akonadi fails to start with error 111 in a specific user account? ["Solved"]
On Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017 07:17:41 CEST stakanov wrote:
> +1

Kind regards,


I do not really understand or endorse this kind of post (that I feel is even
more "ranting" that I could ever have produced), nevertheless, I still
remember that people got "so terrible irritated" about precious kb of their
account lost by a "unfitting post" that they wasted 50 lines of email and
even mail ad personam to make their position clear by "barking". So

I did not quote a whole conversation, not even 50 lines, but a mere 16 lines,
which contained the 9 lines of statement from Jan I fully consent with, and 7
lines of context.

You removed the whole context when you quoted me. Don't do that.

I could have either reworded Jans statement in a dozen lines to express my
consent, or just do as I have done. Both ways would serve to express my
opinion, but the latter saves everyone from reading repeated content.

regardless of this above post being OT to the original underlying problem,
if you feel the impelling need to do so, please just post your precious
consent, without quoting an entire communication. And for me this comment
closes the need to refine this case (referred to +1 posts) any further,

It was you decision to leave the technical discussion and start a 50 line

Volunteers like Jan are doing a lot of work in their spare time, a lot of SUSE
employees are working even at weekends to keep everything going. Most
opensource projects like openSUSE and KDE are heavily dependent on enthusiasts
(both unpaid and paid). Your ranting achieves nothing at the technical level,
but makes the developers leave for some nicer place.

as long as you are not too demotivated and hurt in your sensibility by my
acid character, I would enjoy to help into investigating why akonadi after
a 42.2 to 42.2 (pim4 to pim5) does not start at all in a single user, even
after clearing the cache and even after erasing all akonadi related folder
".akonadi". After all, the intention was and is, to do something to favor
you, as personally I have already done a migration to a new user with
backup files. Still I wouldn't mind to know "why" akonadi continues to fail
in that original user, to be able to help other people and myself in the
future, should the issue be more general. Warm regards.

Could you at least try to structure your wandering thoughts a little bit?
Paragraphs help. Proofreading also helps ("42.2 to 42.2").

You are responding to my post, but are obviously addressing someone else
("favor you") - I had not contributed to the thread previously.

And yes, you are acid!



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