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Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.2 NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [btrfs-balance:2466]
On 04/06/17 09:12 PM, Roman Bysh wrote:
On 04/06/17 05:06 AM, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Am Samstag, 3. Juni 2017, 17:05:01 CEST schrieb Roman Bysh:
I made a mistake when creating the first sentence. I don't think that I'll
run that as I'm not configured for raid. I have it installed on a single
SSD. The Crucial MX300 525 GB.

btrfs-balance has useful side-effects on single-device filesystems:
If you did not alter /etc/sysconfig/btrfsmaintenance, btrfs-balance will run
periodically, see BTRFS_BALANCE_* options there.

As a workaround, I disabled quotas and told snapper not to use quotas:
# btrfs quota disable /
However, you will have to keep an eye on your filesystem usage and manually
delete old snapshots before(!) it gets too full.
Furthermore, I do not know an easy way to enable quotas again.


Thanks for the info.
To enable quotas:

*btrfs quota* /<subcommand>/ /<args>

*disable* /<path>/

Disable subvolume quota support for a filesystem.

*enable* /<path>/

Enable subvolume quota support for a filesystem.

*rescan* [-s] /<path>/

Trash all qgroup numbers and scan the metadata again with the current


show status of a running rescan operation.
wait for rescan operation to finish(can be already in progress).


*btrfs quota* returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is returned
in case of failure.

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