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Re: [opensuse-factory] TW boot-freeze, no graphical login
04.06.2017 14:53, Frank Kunz пишет:
Am 04.06.2017 um 08:17 schrieb Andrei Borzenkov:

Unfortunately I have the same problem but different hardware: HP
EliteBook 2760p with i915 graphics. It freezes when it should start the
graphical login, only power button and magic sysrq is working then.

Output of journal:

How and when this output was taken if you say you cannot access system?

I started the machine with "". This comes
up and then i got the journal by "journalctl -b -1".

Try booting with plymouth.enable=0, it show where it hangs.

I tried that, but then I get just a blank screen with a cursor. Without
plymouth.enable=0 the boot text output is printed on the screen, the
plymouth screen is not started before the system freezes.

The boot stalls at that point (tested multiple times, the order of the
printed lines may differ):

Started Modem Manager
Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service
Started Login and scanning if iSCSI devices

During the collection of further info I found out that the system freeze
is only temporary. It continues boot after about 5 minutes. Here is the
"systemctl -b" output after the startup:

Try booting with systemd.log_level=debug. It may show what exactly it
waits for.

The first time gap in the log:

Jun 04 13:20:32 goofy kernel: usb 2-1.6: Manufacturer: Broadcom Corp
Jun 04 13:27:11 goofy systemd-cryptsetup[374]: Set cipher aes, mode
xts-plain64, key size 256 bits for device

is when the system waits for the luks passphrase. The second one is at
13:27:18, where ModemManager started.


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