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Re: [opensuse-factory] What actions for PowerPC TW to continue to be in sync with TW project ?
On Fri, 2017-06-02 at 10:01 +0200, Normand wrote:
Subect was: [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170529
On 31/05/2017 23:31, Dominique Leuenberger wrote:
==== gcc ====
Version update (6 -> 7)
Subpackages: cpp gcc-c++ gcc-fortran gcc-info gcc-objc libstdc++-

- Remove README in empty packages only required for SLE11 and
- Remove now empty %build section.
- Fix dependencies of libstdc++-devel-{32,64}-bit.
- Switch gcc to default 7.
- Remove unrelated README.packaging.

Hello there,
What is supposed to be the "normal" process to have PowerPC TW
to be in sync with TW ?

Do we have to monitor manually the 273 specific packages in (1)
and check with potential changes in (2) ?
Or is there some tools to warn of the differences ?


A quick run gives some more clarity of the situation:

(note: pcheck is a plugin used by the GNOME Team mostly.. it's a
project check used to find out what in a branch needs handling, but
works for this case too)

osc pcheck openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC

Overview of project openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC
Changed & unsubmitted packages: 2
lilo, _product

=> _product is clear, lilo might be a chance to integrate the diff into
the devel prj

Changed & submitted packages: 0

==> No other packages with a diff - so that's good

Packages without link: 25
_product:openSUSE-cd-mini-x86_64, _product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-
ppc64_ppc64le, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64, _product:openSUSE-
Addon-Lang-cd-cd-x86_64, Test-DVD-ppc64le, _product:openSUSE-Kubic-
dvd5-DVD-x86_64, _product:openSUSE-Addon-NonOss-ftp-ftp-i586_x86_64,
_product:openSUSE-Addon-Lang-cd-cd-i586, _product:openSUSE-Addon-
NonOss-release, _product:openSUSE-Addon-NonOss-cd-addon-nonoss-
i586_x86_64, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-promo-x86_64, JeOS,
_product:openSUSE-cd-mini-ppc64le, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-promo-
i586, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-x86_64, _product:openSUSE-Kubic-
release, _product:openSUSE-cd-mini-i586, _product:openSUSE-cd-mini-
ppc64, qemu-aggregate, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-ppc64le,
_product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-i586_x86_64, _product:openSUSE-Addon-Lang-
release, _product:openSUSE-release, _product:openSUSE-dvd9-dvd-biarch-
i586_x86_64, _product:openSUSE-dvd5-dvd-i586

=> those are all autogenerated _product:* packages, which is normal...
also nothing to worry

So for PPC, the ones that are in place are (with the exception of lilo)
all 'pure' links, without any diffs.


Michel Normand
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