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[opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3 Build 0255 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to discuss some issues, make sure to change the subject.
Please use the test plan at
to record your testing efforts and use bugzilla to report bugs.

Packages changed:
nghttp2 (1.3.4 -> 1.7.1)
obs-service-format_spec_file (20160406 -> 20170204)
obs-service-set_version (0.5.3 -> 0.5.6)
samba (4.6.3+git.21.0735c828d4f -> 4.6.3+git.25.0c154becb13)
xfce4-terminal (0.8.3 -> 0.8.5)

=== Details ===

==== gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base ====
Subpackages: gstreamer-0_10-plugin-gnomevfs gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-lang
libgstapp-0_10-0 libgstinterfaces-0_10-0

- Add
Fix floating point exception in gst_riff_create_audio_caps
(bsc#1024076, CVE-2017-5837)
- Add 0001-riff-media-Dont-divide-block-align-by-zero-channels.patch (rebased)
Fix floating point exception in gst_riff_create_audio_caps (follow-up)
(bsc#1024079, CVE-2017-5844)
- Add gstreamer-bounds-check-ico-detection.patch: add bounds
checking for windows ico detection (boo#1013669 CVE-2016-9811).
- Add gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-gcc6-fixes.patch: Fix header
files to now fail when being used with gcc 6 (boo#985251).

==== gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good ====
Subpackages: gstreamer-0_10-plugin-esd gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-lang

- Add gstreamer-flxdec-write-bounds-checking.patch: add some bounds
checking (boo#1012102 boo#1012103 CVE-2016-9634 CVE-2016-9635).
- Add gstreamer-flxdec-fix-comparisons.patch fix casting for some
comparisons (boo#1012104 CVE-2016-9636).
- Add gstreamer-flxdec-array-overruns.patch: rewrite logic using
GsgtByteReader/Writer (boo#1013653 boo#1013655 CVE-2016-9807
- Add gstreamer-flxdec-unref.patch: don't unref() parent in the
chain function (boo#1013663 CVE-2016-9810).
- Add gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-gtk-doc-1.25.patch: Fix build
with gtk-doc 1.25. index.sgml is an internal file and must not be
messed with (and with gtk-doc 1.25 it is no longer created).
- Add baselibs.conf as explicit source.
- BuildRequire libpng-devel to avoid implicit dependency
- Add gst-0_10-docs-use-docbook-markup-for-xi:include.patch: fix
yet an other fallout from gtk-doc 1.20 version. Patch from
upstream git.
- Add gst-0_10-docs-fix-mismatched-para-tags.patch, fixes build
with new gtk-doc, newer gtkdoc is more sensitive to mismatched
docbook tags (bgo#724085).
- Override ORCC_FLAGS on ppc to fix bad code generation
- Add gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-v4l2-1.patch:
Fix build with recent kernels
- Add gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-v4l2.patch: Fix build with recent
kernels, theh v4l2 buffer input field was removed.
- Don't recommend gstreamer-0_10-plugin-esd if only libesd0 is
installed. Recommend it when esound-daemon is installed.
- Update to version 0.10.31:
+ audioparsers: propagate downstream caps constraints upstream
+ ac3parse:
- add support for IEC 61937 alignment and conversion/switching
between alignments
- let bsid 9 and 10 through
+ auparse: implement seeking
+ avidemux: fix wrong stride when inverting uncompressed video
+ cairotextoverlay: add a "silent" property to skip rendering;
forward new segment events
+ deinterlace:
- add support for deinterlacing using buffer caps/flags (as set
by e.g. fieldanalysis)
- new fieldanalysis-related properties: "locking" and
+ directsoundsink: fix negotiation/device setup: 16-bit audio is
signed, 8-bit is unsigned
+ effecttv: fix reverse negotiation; repair color modes in
radioactv by taking rgb,bgr into account
+ equalizer: also sync the parameters for the filter bands
+ flacdec:
- better timestamp/offset handling; try upstream first for
duration queries
- send EOS when seeking after the end of file instead of
+ flacenc: do not drop the first data buffer on the floor
+ flacparse:
- detect when a file lies about fixed block size; ignore
invalid minimum_blocksize
- more accurate/better duration/timestamp handling
+ flvdemux: better timestamp handling (negative cts, detect large
pts gaps; fix discontinuity threshold check when timestamps go
+ flvmux: properly determine final duration; metadata/header
writing fixes
+ gdkpixbufsink: fix inverted pixel-aspect-ratio info on pixbufs
+ jack: add "client-name" property to jackaudiosink and
+ jpegdec:
- add sof-marker to template caps, so we don't get plugged for
lossless jpeg
- implement upstream negotiation
+ matroskademux:
- seeking fixes; better handling of non-finalized files
- better timestamp/duration handling, fix some stuttering A/V
- add "max-gap-time" property to make gap handling configurable
- UTF-8 subtitles may have markup
+ matroskamux:
- do not use unoffical V_MJPEG codec id
- fix segment handling, so we actually use running time
- for streaming files, push tags first
- handle GstForceKeyUnit event
+ multifile: new splitfilesrc element to read multiple files as
if they were one single file
+ multifilesrc: add "loop" property
+ multifilesink:
- handle buffer lists, useful to keep groups of buffers (GOPs)
in the same file
- add flag to cut after a force key unit event
- add "max-files" property
- add new 'max-size' mode and "max-file-size" property for
switching to the next file based on size
- write stream-headers when switching to the next file in
max-size mode
+ multipartdemux: add property to assume a single stream and emit
+ multipartmux: add \r\n to tail of pushed buffers
+ navseek: toggle pause/play on space bar
+ osxvideo: fix leak of NSOpenGLPixelFormat object
+ pcmadepay,pcmudepay: allow variable sample rate
+ pngenc: increase arbitrary resolution limits
+ pulse:
- drop support for PA versions before 0.9.16 (1.x is
- new pulseaudiosink element to handle format changes (not
autoplugged yet)
+ pulsesink:
- add support for compressed audio format passthrough (S/PDIF,
- allow writes in bigger chunks
- use the extended stream API if available
+ pulsesrc: add a "source-output-index" property; implement
GstStreamVolume interface
+ qtdemux:
- better fragmented support (avoid adjustment for keyframe
seek; mark all audio track samples as keyframe)
- parse embedded ID32 tags; improve bitrate guessing/extraction
- push mode fixes, fix buffered streaming
+ qtmux:
- add direct dirac mapping
- calculate average bitrate for streams
- fix ctts generation for streams that don't start at 0
- use GST_TAG_IMAGE for coverart too
+ ismlmux: use iso-fragmented as variant type (useful in
connection with encodebin)
+ rtph263ppay:
- implement getcaps following RFC 4629, picks the right annexes
- set H263-2000 if thats what the other side wants
+ rtph264depay:
- complete merged AU on marker bit (thus reducing latency)
- cope with FU-A E bit not being set (caused by buggy payloaders)
- exclude NALu size from payload length on truncated packets
+ rtph264pay:
- proxy downstream caps restrictions (converting
profile-level-id from RTP caps into video/x-h264 style caps)
- only set the marker bit on the last NALU of a multi-NALU
access unit
+ rtpjpegpay:
- add support for H.264 payload in MJPEG container
- fix for "odd" resolutions not a multiple of DCTSIZE
+ rtpmp4adepay:
- fix output buffer timestamps in case of multiple frames
- improve bogus interleaved index compensating
+ rtpmp4vpay: deprecated send-config property and replace by
+ rtppcmapay/depay: static clock rates on static payloads,
dynamic on dynamic
+ rtpvrawpay,-depay: RGB video payloading/depayloading fixes
+ rtpg722pay: Compensate for clockrate vs. samplerate difference
+ rtpbin:
- allow configurable rtcp stream syncing interval
- new "rtcp-sync" property, alternative inter-stream syncing
+ rtpjitterbuffer/rtpbin: relax dropping rtcp packets; misc other
+ rtpmanager: don't reveal the user's username, hostname or real
name by default
+ rtpsession:
- process received Full Intra Requests (FIR)
- add special mode to use FIR as repair as Google does
- send FIR requests in response to key unit requests with
- always send application requested feedback in immediate mode
- put the PLI requests in each RTPSource
- wait longer to timeout SSRC collision
+ rtspsrc:
- implement async network I/O
- allow sending short RTSP requests to a server
- configure rtcp interval if provided
- open on play and pause when not done yet
+ shout2send: send video/webm through libshout
+ soup: new souphttpclientsink element
+ udpsrc: drop dataless UDP packets
+ v4l2: take care not to change the current format where
+ v4l2src, v4l2sink: add "norm" property; default to a
pixel-aspect-ratio of 1/1
+ v4l2src:
- do not ignore the highest frame interval or the largest
- handle some feature query failures more gracefully
+ videobox: avoid wrapping opaque to transparent
+ wavenc: allow setcaps to be called after a format was
negotiated if it's compatible
+ ximagesrc:
- add "xid" and "xname" properties to allow capturing a
particular window
- fallback to non-XShm mode if allocating the XShm image failed
- clear flags on buffer reuse, so that flags like DISCONT
aren't set accidentally
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#432612, bgo#541215, bgo#546932, bgo#571400,
bgo#576524, bgo#586450, bgo#595055, bgo#605834, bgo#610916,
bgo#614803, bgo#616686, bgo#616936, bgo#619548, bgo#619590,
bgo#620186, bgo#622412, bgo#624887, bgo#630456, bgo#631430,
bgo#632504, bgo#634093, bgo#638300, bgo#639217, bgo#640323,
bgo#643847, bgo#644151, bgo#644154, bgo#644512, bgo#647540,
bgo#648312, bgo#648642, bgo#648937, bgo#649067, bgo#649617,
bgo#649780, bgo#649955, bgo#650258, bgo#650313, bgo#650503,
bgo#650555, bgo#650691, bgo#650714, bgo#650785, bgo#650877,
bgo#650912, bgo#650916, bgo#650937, bgo#650960, bgo#651059,
bgo#651443, bgo#652195, bgo#652286, bgo#652467, bgo#652727,
bgo#653080, bgo#653091, bgo#653327, bgo#653559, bgo#653709,
bgo#654175, bgo#654379, bgo#654583, bgo#654585, bgo#654744,
bgo#654749, bgo#654816, bgo#655530, bgo#655570, bgo#655805,
bgo#655866, bgo#655918, bgo#656104, bgo#656606, bgo#656649,
bgo#656734, bgo#657080, bgo#657179, bgo#657376, bgo#657422,
bgo#657830, bgo#658178, bgo#658305, bgo#658419, bgo#658543,
bgo#658546, bgo#658659, bgo#659009, bgo#659065, bgo#659153,
bgo#659237, bgo#659242, bgo#659798, bgo#659808, bgo#659837,
bgo#659943, bgo#659947, bgo#660249, bgo#660275, bgo#660294,
bgo#660448, bgo#660468, bgo#660481, bgo#660969, bgo#661049,
bgo#661215, bgo#661400, bgo#661477, bgo#661841, bgo#661874,
bgo#662856, bgo#663186, bgo#663334, bgo#663580, bgo#664548,
bgo#664792, bgo#664892, bgo#665387, bgo#665412, bgo#665502,
bgo#665666, bgo#665872, bgo#665882, bgo#665911, bgo#666361,
bgo#666583, bgo#666602, bgo#666644, bgo#666688, bgo#666711,
bgo#667419, bgo#667818, bgo#667820, bgo#667846, bgo#668320,
bgo#668648, bgo#669455, bgo#669590, bgo#670197.
- Drop gst-pulsesink-bufsize.diff: fixed upstream.
- Drop gst-non-fatal-query-webcam-attr.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add explicit glib2-devel and gstreamer-0_10-devel BuildRequires
so they can be versioned.
- Add explicit zlib-devel BuildRequires: we just always want it.
- Add libICE-devel, libSM-devel and libXv-devel BuildRequires on >
12.1: this used to be pulled by something else, but got changed
after the xorg-x11 packaging change.
- Add pkgconfig(gudev-1.0) BuildRequires to enable device
- Add xz BuildRequires on openSUSE <= 12.1, to be able to
decompress the xz tarball.
- Add gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-missing-return-value.patch: fix
missing return value.
- Add gst-non-fatal-query-webcam-attr.patch to make the webcam
control attribute errors non-fatal to support more webcams
(bnc#747827, bgo#670197)
- Split esound plugin in a gstreamer-0_10-plugin-esd subpackage: we
do not want to have libesd0 installed by default just because of
this plugin.
- fix deps
o gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-devel >= 0.10.33
- Update taglib BuildRequire to reflect the package new name. Fixes
build in Packman OBS.
- Update to version 0.10.30:
+ Work around GLib atomic ops API change
+ Better handling of malformed buffers in RTP depayloders
+ Build fixes (including bgo#652144).
- On 12.1 and later, stop building the gstreamer-0_10-plugin-hal
+ we don't want hal anymore on 12.1 and later (see bnc#697018).
We use a build_hal define to control that behavior.
+ remove hal-devel BuildRequires
+ do not build a gstreamer-0_10-plugin-hal subpackage anymore
+ add gstreamer-0_10-plugin-hal Obsoletes for smooth upgrades
- Update to version 0.10.29:
+ audioparser: new amrparse, aacparse, ac3parse, flacparse,
mpegaudioparse, dcaparse elements
+ audiowsincband:
- Add new windowing functions: gaussian, cos and hann
- Fix range of kernel elements (lim -> lim-1)
+ audiowsinclimit:
- Add new windows to high/low-pass filters: gaussian, cosine,
- Fix range of kernel elements (lim -> lim-1) in high/low-pass
+ avidemux:
- also add the frame-type for the stream index.
- flvdemux: mark delta-units in the index
- stream->current_total is accumulated byte size and not time
+ avimux:
- add stream-format field to h264 pad template caps
- rework _request_new_pad to handle explict req-pad-names
- use running time for synchronization
+ cairooverlay: Add generic Cairo overlay video element.
+ debugutils: remove bitrotten negotiation element
+ deinterlace: add support for NV12 and NV21 formats; fix greedyl
+ dvdemux: first try if upstream handles TIME seeks before
handling them here and other event handling fixes
+ flacdec: fix issues with large metadata blocks when streaming
unframed flac
+ flacenc:
- Add support for writing METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE blocks for
- Don't store image tags inside the vorbiscomments and the flac
+ flvdemux:
- add width, height and framerate to caps when present on
- Do not build an index if upstream is not seekable
- fix deadlock on setting index on flvdemux
+ flvmux:
- don't overwrite metadata tag with duration in streaming mode
- don't set duration for live stream
- use running time for synchronization
+ flv: specify stream-format for h264 in the pad template caps
+ icydemux: fix tag list handling issues that might have caused
+ j2kpay: skip EPH packets
+ jitterbuffer:
- also estimate eos if very near eos
- avoid trying to buffer more than is available
- handle position query
+ matroskademux:
- better calculation of output framerate
- properly resume cluster scanning
- pull mode should always report seekable
- set stream-format=byte-stream on h264 caps if there's no
codec data
- store cluster positions provided by SeekHead
+ matroskamux:
- add support for A-Law and µ-Law
- avoid building index when streamable
- use running time for stream synchronization
- add stream-format field to h264 pad template caps
+ matroska: Use ARTIST Matroska tag instead of AUTHOR for
+ matroskaparse: new element
+ monoscope: stability (off-by-one) and memory leak fixes
+ pngdec: handle 16-bit-per-channel images
+ pulsesink:
- also uncork during EOS waiting (and after EOS is rendered)
- fix deadlock if connecting to PA fails
- release pa_shared_resource_mutex before
+ qtdemux:
- Adds more h264 fields to its caps
- Add support for 2Vuy and r210
- don't error out when there's a problem parsing non-vital
- avoid skipping exposing a stream following a removed stream
- Check for invalid (empty) classification info entity strings
- extract MusicBrainz tags
- mind rounding issues when converting from global time to mov time
- propagate error during expose_streams
- support some more mpeg-4 fourcc variants
- take configured start time into account
+ isomp4: move mp4mux/3gppmux/qtmux from -bad to -good, rename
qtdemux plugin to isomp4
+ rtpbin: Don't try to request the same request pad twice
+ rtpbin: fix setting the SDES property
+ rtpbin: Get and use the NTP time when receiving RTCP
+ rtpmanager: ignore a BYE if it is sent with our internal SSRC
+ rtpptdemux: Tag upstream custom events with payload type
+ rtpsession:
- add action signal to request early RTCP
- add "rtcp-min-interval" property for minimum interval between
Regular RTCP messages
- Don't relay more than one PLI request per RTT
- Emit "on-ssrc-validated" when validating by RTCP
- Emit signal on incoming RTCP feedback packet
- Emit signal when sending a compound RTCP packet
- Implement sending PLI packets in response to GstForceKeyUnit
- Number of active sources should be updated whenever the
status of the source changes to active
- Send GstForceKeyUnit event in response to received RTCP PLI
+ rtpsource: Retain RTCP Feedback packets for a specified amount
of time
+ rtpssrcdemux:
- Tag upstream custom events with SSRC
- Unknown SSRC is not fatal
+ rtpspeexpay: Do not transmit samples with GAP flag
+ rtptheoradepay: Request new keyframe on lost packets
+ rtpvrawpay: add support for interlaced video
+ rtspsrc:
- distribute new base_time to manager children following flush
- handle * control correctly
- improve recovery from failed seek
+ spectrum: misc, optimisations, add multi-channel support
+ speexdec:
- Always process the number of frames per packet as specified
in the header
- get and use streamheader from the caps if possible
- Use speex intern silence detection
+ theorapay: handle 0-sized packets (which are repeat frames)
+ udpsink: warn when packet is too large
+ v4l2:
- Add PJPG mapping
- fix interlaced set_format configuration
- new v4l2radio element to control analog radio devices
+ videobalance: fix handling of YUV images with 'odd' widths
+ videoflip:
- add support for YUY2, UVYV and YVYU
- fix invalid memory access for odd resolutions and Y422
+ videomixer2: Add transparent background option for alpha
channel formats
+ videomixer:
- Add transparent background option for alpha channel formats
- Fix argb/rgba overlay orc code
+ wavparse: tune output max buffer size to material
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#564122, bgo#432612, bgo#593482, bgo#595520,
bgo#622553, bgo#636699, bgo#639994, bgo#640118, bgo#640163,
bgo#640249, bgo#640483, bgo#640542, bgo#641330, bgo#641332,
bgo#641400, bgo#641827, bgo#642205, bgo#642337, bgo#642412,
bgo#642691, bgo#642879, bgo#642961, bgo#642963, bgo#643087,
bgo#643981, bgo#644288, bgo#644477, bgo#644510, bgo#644669,
bgo#644773, bgo#644849, bgo#644875, bgo#645858, bgo#645961,
bgo#646397, bgo#646474, bgo#646567, bgo#646800, bgo#646954,
bgo#646964, bgo#646965, bgo#646966, bgo#646967, bgo#646999,
bgo#647263, bgo#647510, bgo#647511, bgo#647659, bgo#647833,
bgo#647848, bgo#647919, bgo#648004, bgo#648160, bgo#648589,
bgo#649060, bgo#649449, bgo#566769
- Drop gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-fix-tag-list-handling-issue.patch:
fixed upstream.
- Move plugins from extra subpackage to main subpackage:
libgstgdkpixbuf, libgstmonoscope, libgstsmpte, libgstspeex,
libgstvideobox. This only adds dependencies on gdk-pixbuf and
speex to the main subpackage, which is reasonable.
- Move plugins from main subpackage to extra subpackage:
libgstcacasink. We don't want to depend on the caca library by
- Remove wrongs Provides from extra subpackage:
This is wrong because the plugin is in the main subpackage.
- Add 32bit compatibility libraries
- Build against libv4l, so gets loaded, which
gives Cheese et al using camerabin support for old,
JPEG-producing webcams (bnc#674287)
- Updated to version 0.10.28:
* Fix build issue with new kernels
- Increase the pulsesink chunk size to the buffer size for more
smooth playback (bnc#684781)
- added possible fix for gstreamer crashes (bnc#673914, bgo#641330)
- Update to version 0.10.27:
- Upsream changes (see documentation directory NEWS for all changes)
* avidemux add workaround for buggy list size extract datetime tags
* cacasink: fix masks and strides
* deinterlace: change the default to linear
* deinterlace: avoid infinite loop draining
* deinterlace: rewrite/fix how neighboring scan lines are calculated
* flvdemux: use aac codec-data to adjust samplerate if needed
* flvmux: Fix for nellymoser codecid setting
* icydemux: Add 'StreamUrl' metadata as GST_TAG_HOMEPAGE tag
* id3demux: fix parsing of ID3v2.4 genre frames with multiple genres
* imagefreeze: pass along eos if received before buffer arrives
* jpegdec: add "max-errors" property to ignore decoding errors
* jpegdec: avoid infinite loop when resyncing; discard incomplete image
* matroskademux: add stream-format and alignment properties for h264
* matroskademux: assume matroska if no doctype is specified
* matroskademux: increase allowed max. block size for push mode
from 10M to 15M
* matroskademux: normalize empty Cues to no Cues
* matroskamux: add support for DTS and E-AC3 audio
* matroskamux: try to write timestamps in all the outgoing buffers
* multifilesink: send stream headers in key-frame mode
* multiudpsink: add buffer-size property
* navseek: add basic support to change playback rate
* pulsesink: flush remaining buffered samples on EOS
* pulsesink: make corking during pause synchronous; don't uncork
in _start
* pulsesink: Uncork stream while flushing the ringbuffer
* pulsesrc: add "client" property
* qtdemux: add support for fragmented mp4
* qtdemux: add support for (E)AC-3, WMA and VC-1 audio
- Update to version 0.10.26:
+ alphacolor: make passthrough work
+ avidemux: reverse playback fixes; prevent overlap of subsequent
+ deinterlace: remove assembly code in favor of orc
+ dvdemux: parse SMPTE time codes
+ flvdemux: parse and use cts (fixes jittery H.264 playback in
some cases)
+ flvmux: resend onMetada tag when tags changes in streamable
+ g729pay: extend from right parent
+ gconf: Don't install schemas when GConf is disabled
+ goom, goom2k1: add latency compensation code, report latency
+ gstrtpjpegpay: Added Define Restart Interval (DRI) Marker
+ h264depay: always mark the codec_data as keyframe
+ icydemux: forward tag events
+ id3v2mux: Add mapping for album artist
+ imagefreeze: generate a perfectly timestamped stream
+ level: avoid division by zero on silence
+ matroskademux:
- more robustness for parse errors and corner-cases
- extract H.264 profile and level and set on caps
+ matroskamux: reduce newsegment event spam and set discont flag
where needed
+ pulse:
- allow setting of pulse stream properties
- fix device_description in READY
+ pulsesink:
- Add "client" property to set the PA client name
- share the PA context between all clients with the same name
+ qtdemux: export AAC/MPEG-4/H.264 profile and level in caps
+ rtp: add G722 payloader and depayloader elements
+ rtpamr(de)pay: support AMR-WB SID frame
+ rtpamrpay: proper duration for multiple frame payload; properly
support perfect-rtptime
+ rtpbin: add "ntp-sync" property and "use-pipeline-clock"
+ rtpg729pay: properly support perfect-rtptime
+ rtph264depay: only set delta unit on all-non-key units
+ rtpmanager: provide additional statistics
+ rtpmp4adepay: grab the sampling rate and put into caps
+ rtpmparobustdepay: properly insert dummy buffers; use valid
bitrate for dummy frame
+ rtpmpvpay: fix timestamping of rtp buffers
+ rtpsession:
- Add the option to auto-discover the RTP bandwidth
- Calculate RTCP bandwidth as a fraction of the RTP bandwidth
- Count sent RTCP packets after they have been finished
- relax third-party collision detection
+ rtpstats: Rectify description of current_time in
+ rtspext: stop configuration on first failure
+ rtspsrc:
- Add property to configure udpsrc buffer size
- add rtsp-sdp protocol support
- don't add /UDP in the transport, it's the default
- fix duration reporting
- handle stale digest authentication session data
- use sdp uri parse method
+ shapewipe:
- add optional border parameter and slowdown animation
- Force format to AYUV in the example pipeline for the same
- Force the input to AYUV to prevent negotiation failures in
+ spectrum: only aggregate magnitude/phase if user asks for it,
performance fixes
+ v4l2src:
- add controllable colorbalance parameters, add decimate
- fix using mpegts via the mmap interface; use
GstBaseSrc::block-size as fallback size
+ videomixer2: new videomixer2 element that behaves better than
+ vrawdepay: handle invalid payload better
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#625825, bgo#629047, bgo#537544, bgo#628996,
bgo#529672, bgo#581294, bgo#598915, bgo#612313, bgo#616521,
bgo#617318, bgo#620790, bgo#622390, bgo#624338, bgo#625547,
bgo#626048, bgo#626518, bgo#627162, bgo#627174, bgo#627289,
bgo#627341, bgo#627796, bgo#628020, bgo#628058, bgo#628127,
bgo#628214, bgo#628349, bgo#628454, bgo#628608, bgo#629018,
bgo#629522, bgo#629839, bgo#629896, bgo#630088, bgo#630205,
bgo#630256, bgo#630317, bgo#630378, bgo#630446, bgo#630447,
bgo#630449, bgo#630451, bgo#630452, bgo#630457, bgo#630458,
bgo#630500, bgo#630888, bgo#631082, bgo#631303, bgo#631330,
bgo#631996, bgo#632548, bgo#632553, bgo#632682, bgo#632945,
bgo#633205, bgo#633212, bgo#633970, bgo#635532, bgo#635843,
bgo#636179, bgo#626463, bgo#628894, bgo#633294.
- Update to version 0.10.25:
+ v4l2src: massive performance improvement in many cases
+ streaming mode fixes for avi and matroska/webm
+ seeking in matroska and webm files that don't have an index
+ new cpureport element for debugging
+ avidemux:
- improve VBR audio stream handling
- streaming mode fixes: use proper offset for movi-based index,
handle 0-size data chunks
+ debugutils: new element cpureport, posts "cpu-report" element
messages on bus
+ flacdec, rtspsrc, rtph264pay, rtpmp4vdepay: memory leak fixes
+ gconfvideosrc: use correct GConf key (ie. not the audiosrc key)
+ gdkpixbuf: remove gdkpixbuf3 plugin again, gdk-pixbuf was split
out of gtk+ and will stay at 2.x
+ id3v2mux: write beats-per-minute tag using TBPM frame
+ jpegdec: fix markers parsing regression
+ matroskademux:
- do not error out on a block with unknown tracknumber
- fix streaming in case where the size in bytes is unknown
- handle bogus files storing ADTS AAC data
- support seeking in local files even if they don't have an
+ matroskamux: don't try to seek back and fix up headers if
+ pulsesink: fix race when creating multiple pulsesinks at the
same time
+ qtdemux:
- also calculate PAR using track width and height for QT files
- fix the max/avg in btrt atom reading
- improve reverse playback
- parse 64-bit version of mvhd atom as well instead of erroring
- prevent reading past avc1 atom when parsing
+ rtpg729pay: avoid basertppayload perfect-rtptime mode
+ rtph263pdepay: allow more clock-rates as input
+ rtpL16depay:
- also parse encoding-params for the number of channels
- default to 1 channel if number of channels not specified
+ rtpmp4gpay: implement perfect timestamps
+ rtspsrc:
- add "port-range" property, useful for setups with
- don't reuse udp sockets (avoids odd errors when data from
previous streams is received)
+ udpsrc: add "reuse" property to enable or disable port reuse
(enabled by default, but disabled in rtspsrc)
+ v4l2: sort formats in the right order so that non-emulated
formats are prefered
+ videobalance: fix wrong locking order that could lead to a
+ videomixer: only reset QoS information and send a NEWSEGMENT
event downstream for NEWSEGMENT events on the master pad
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#626463, bgo#593117, bgo#618535, bgo#621520,
bgo#622017, bgo#622577, bgo#623209, bgo#623357, bgo#623629,
bgo#624173, bgo#624331, bgo#624455, bgo#624770, bgo#625002,
bgo#625153, bgo#625302, bgo#625371, bgo#625442, bgo#625452,
bgo#626467, bgo#626609, bgo#626619, bgo#627689, bgo#617368
- Recommend instead of require lang package since it's not mandatory.
- Update to version 0.10.24:
+ Use Orc (Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler) for SIMD and
other optimisations, and remove liboil dependency
+ alpha: add "prefer-passthrough" property to allow passthrough
+ avidemux: improve audio vbr detection
+ cmmlenc: Remove hack to let oggmux start a new page for every
CMML buffer
+ deinterlace: add mmx implementations of greedyh for UYVY;
orcify some deinterlacing methods
+ dv1394: fix the internal clock even more
+ flvmux:
- add "streamable" property
- write duration at the correct position
+ gdkpixbuf: Add a gdkpixbuf3 plugin that uses gdkpixbuf3
+ jpegdec: improved parsing, and better buffer handling that
minimises memcpys
+ jpegdec, jpegenc: add grayscale support
+ matroskademux:
- QoS fixes and improvements; reverse playback improvements
- handle zero-sized numbers correctly
+ matroskamux:
- add "streamable" property; set streamheaders on output caps
- try harder to make sure clusters start with a key frame
- mark output buffers properly as keyframe or delta unit
- do some write caching to avoid newsegment events before each
output buffer
- fix some timestamp drift caused by rounding errors
+ pngenc: Support 8 bit grayscale
+ pulsesink:
- optimize communication with PulseAudio using
- Post provide-clock message on the bus if the clock
+ rtph264depay: consider SPS, PPS and IDR as keyframe, all
others as DELTA_UNIT
+ rtph264pay: handle short startcodes in the h264 bytestream
+ rtpjitterbuffer: stop buffering and emit EOS at the end of a
+ rtpmparobustdepay: add mpa-robust depayloader
+ rtpmp4gdepay: calculate the frame duration correctly
+ rtptheorapay: keep announcing the delivery-method in the
capabilities, restores compatibility with older farsight
versions again
+ rtspsrc: respect aggregate control attributes; try all ranges
from the sdp
+ spectrum: support 24-bit width and arbitrary bit depth
+ udp: make url parsing compatible with VLC syntax
+ udpsrc: fix multicast support on windows
+ v4l2sink: destroy buffer pool when changing state to NULL
+ videobox: fix negotiation for I420/YV12
+ videomixer: don't mix input with different pixel aspect ratios;
negotiation fixes
+ wavparse:
- proper closing segment construction when doing non-flushing
- use typefind functions to check if PCM data contains dts
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#555967, bgo#570761, bgo#583047, bgo#589997,
bgo#595978, bgo#597695, bgo#611117, bgo#613066, bgo#615461,
bgo#617339, bgo#618530, bgo#618871, bgo#618982, bgo#619198,
bgo#619273, bgo#619293, bgo#619531, bgo#619717, bgo#619824,
bgo#619848, bgo#620148, bgo#620154, bgo#620162, bgo#620277,
bgo#620358, bgo#620390, bgo#620494, bgo#620540, bgo#620591,
bgo#620743, bgo#620929, bgo#621510, bgo#621566, bgo#621723,
bgo#622498, bgo#622500, bgo#622501, bgo#622816, bgo#623103,
bgo#623172, bgo#623196, bgo#623366, bgo#623379, bgo#623585,
bgo#623654, bgo#619817, bgo#617512, bgo#619485, bgo#413942
- Add orc BuildRequires
- remove liboild-devel BuildRequires
- Update to version 0.10.23
+ alpha: add support for YUY2, YVYU, UYVY and YV12; YUV->RGB
conversion fixes
+ avimux, flvmux, matroskamux: don't crash if tags arrive on
multiple input pads at the same time
+ avimux, matroskamux: add support for On2 VP8
+ capssetter: element moved from gst-plugins-bad
+ deinterlace:
- add support for most YUV and RGB formats for some methods
- make automatic detection of interlacing the default
+ gamma: add support for more YUV/RGB formats, make gamma
property controllable
+ jpegdec, jpegenc: support more colour spaces and pixel formats
+ matroskademux:
- implement push mode seeking
- add support for WebM
+ imagefreeze: plugin moved from gst-plugins-bad
+ oss4: plugin moved from gst-plugins-bad
+ osxvideosink: implement the xoverlay interface, allow switching
views at runtime
+ qcelpdepay: add a QCELP depayloader
+ qtdemux: add support for VP8; push-mode seeking and ctts table
parsing fixes
+ rtph263depay: use Picture Start Code to detect packet loss and
frame start
+ rtph263pay: use found GOBs to apply Mode A payloading
+ rtph264depay: DELTA_UNIT marking of output buffers
+ rtph264pay:
- extract SPS and PPS from property provided parameter set
- add config-interval property to re-send SPS/PPS in stream
+ rtpmp4vpay: add config-interval property to re-insert config in
+ rtptheoradepay: fix in-band configuration parsing
+ rtptheorapay: add config-interval parameter to re-insert config
in stream
+ rtpvorbisdepay, rtptheoradepay: also accept in-line
+ rtsp: configure bandwidth properties in the session
+ rtspsrc:
- fall back to SDP ports instead of server_port
- use the SDP connection info in multicast
- handle SEEKING queries
+ smptealpha: add support for all 4 ARGB formats and YV12
(converted to AYUV)
+ videobalance: add support for all RGB formats, Y41B, Y42B and
+ videobox:
- add support for Y444, Y42B, Y41B, YUY2, UYUV, and YVYU
- fix floating point to integer conversion for the alpha values
- handle ranges/lists of width or height when transforming caps
- translate navigation events to make sense again upstream
+ videofilter: merge gamma, videobalance, and videoflip plugin
into single plu
+ videoflip:
- add support for all RGB formats and AYUV, Y41B, Y42B and Y444
- also flip the pixel-aspect-ratio if width/height are
+ videomixer: add support for Y444, Y42B, Y41B, YV12, YUY2, YVYU,
+ webmmux: Add new webmmux element that only supports muxing of
+ y4menc: add 4:2:2, 4:1:1, and 4:4:4 output support
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#576286, bgo#618349, bgo#574416, bgo#590662,
bgo#592270, bgo#599585, bgo#600553, bgo#606689, bgo#607452,
bgo#609405, bgo#609658, bgo#610172, bgo#610902, bgo#613786,
bgo#614305, bgo#614765, bgo#615798, bgo#616516, bgo#616700,
bgo#617164, bgo#617537, bgo#617733, bgo#617739, bgo#618305,
bgo#618351, bgo#618386, bgo#618419, bgo#618733, bgo#618874,
bgo#618940, bgo#619018, bgo#619103, bgo#619105, bgo#619219,
bgo#619835, bgo#619943, bgo#620002, bgo#605231, bgo#619533
- Update to 0.10.22:
+ alpha: add support for different color matrixes
+ alpha: add support for generating ARGB output
+ alpha: add support for ARGB, RGB and xRGB input
+ alphacolor: support inplace and on-the-fly conversions from
+ alphacolor: Implement color-matrix support and use integer
arithmetic only
+ videobox: add support for most common RGB(A), (A)YUV, and
grayscale formats
+ videobox: add support for on-the-fly conversions for some
+ videobox: add support for filling the background with red,
yellow and white
+ videobox: add support for YV12, including conversion support
for I420/AYUV
+ videomixer: add support for ABGR and RGBA
+ shapewipe: add support for the remaining ARGB formats
+ qtdemux, matroska: export h.264 profile and level in caps
+ multifilesink: Add key-frame option to next-file
+ directsoundsink: Implement SPDIF support for AC3
+ h264depay: handle STAPs properly
+ speexdec: adapt to new oggdemux
+ flvdemux: mark delta frames properly
+ flvdemux: improve index building and scaning in pull mode
+ flvdemux: add support for backwards playback (when operating in
pull mode)
+ avidemux: fix offset handling in push mode seeking
+ matroskademux: prefer index of video track to perform seeking
+ matroskademux: add support for backwards playback (when
operating in pull mode)
+ matroskademux: push correctly sized flac header buffers
+ matroskademux: restrict resyncing to subtitle tracks
+ rtpsession: Make it possible to favor new sources in case of
SSRC conflict
+ rtspsrc: send keep alive when paused
+ rtspsrc: handle ipv6 listening ports when needed
+ rtspsrc: require a destination for multicast
+ rtspsrc: parse connection information
+ qtdemux: Set stream-format=raw on AAC caps
+ qtdemux: add XMP parsing support
+ qtdemux: Read replaygain peak/gain tags
+ qtdemux: extract stream language in more cases
+ id3demux: fix parsing of unsynced frames with data length
+ jpegdec: don't crash if jpeg image contains more than three
+ ximagesrc: send new segment event in TIME format
+ mp4gdepay: improve constantDuration guessing
+ h264pay: fix config-interval property
+ rtspsrc: add property to control the buffering method
+ png: make work with libpng 1.4
- Drop gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-libpng14.patch, upstream fixed.
- build against libpng14
- Split the hal plugin in a gstreamer-0_10-plugin-hal subpackage to
not require hal (which is deprecated) with this package. Fix
- Update to version 0.10.21:
+ Fixes for RTP h263 depayloader timestamping regressions that
broke video calls
+ Fixes for FLAC decoder when FLAC is embedded in a container
such as Ogg or Matroska
+ rtpsource: bitrate estimation improvements
+ rtspsrc, udp: multicast fixes
- Update to version 0.10.19:
+ Features of this release:
- shapewipe: moved from -bad to -good
- avidemux: push mode seeking support
- avidemux: drop video frames up to the desired keyframe after
a seek
- configure: cross-compilation fixes (use $PKG_CONFIG instead
of pkg-config)
- dvdepay: don't output frames until we have a header, fixes
- flacdec: fix tag extraction in push mode
- flvdemux: obtain the index from the end of an flv file in
push mode
- flvdemux: audio tags without any content are valid; indexing
- jpegdec: fix invalid memory access in parser
- jitterbuffer: new buffering modes: low/high watermark
buffering, rtp timestamps
- matroskademux: seeking/segment fixes (esp. regression with
- matroskademux: subtitle stream improvements (advance sparse
streams in smaller steps)
- multipartdemux: improve header mime-type parsing
- qtdemux: fix ALAC codec-data handling; handle signed values
in 3GPP location tag
- qtdemux: fix frame rate cap regression; fix sample durations
- qtdemux: Use the correct duration when comparing segments
- pulsesink: avoid segfault when shutting down
- pulsesink: return previous mute state if sink is not active
at the moment
- rtpbin: change how NTP time is calculated in RTCP, generating
more accurate NTP timestamps if the system clock is
synchronised with NTP or similar
- rtpmp4gdepay: avoid division by 0 in corner case
- v4l2sink: change rank to NONE so we don't try to autoplug it
- videomixer: fix timestamping problems for input streams with
different lengths
- videomixer: fix problem when used with gnonlin (always send
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#584536, bgo#587304, bgo#599292, bgo#604711,
bgo#608026, bgo#608843, bgo#610004, bgo#610053, bgo#610238,
bgo#610265, bgo#610280, bgo#610296, bgo#610337, bgo#610483,
bgo#610556, bgo#610839, bgo#610894, bgo#611501, bgo#609724
- Update to version 0.10.18:
+ Changes:
- v4l2src: implement GstURIHandler interface
- matroskamux: make index size configurable
- matroskademux: support push based mode
- matroskademux: improve stream synchronization
- flacdec: fix possible hanging in pull mode seeking
- flacdec: use a single decoder field for both push and pull
- flacenc: optionally add a seek table
- rtp: add BroadcomVoice payloader and depayloader
- rtp: add G.723 payloader and depayloader
- rtph264pay: add option to insert PPS/SPS in streams
- rtph264depay: optionally merge NALUs into Access Units
- rtspsrc: add user-id and user-pw properties; fix major memory
- avimux: many fixes, also better compatibility with Windows
Media Player
- avidemux: per-stream index parsing (= much faster startup)
- qtdemux: progressive download support / seeking in push mode
- qtdemux: per sample parsing (= much faster start up)
- wavenc: Post warning if file hasn't been finalised properly
- videomixer: MMX optimisations and other improvements;
implement basic QoS
- matroska, qtdemux, id3demux: fix language code writing and
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#503582, bgo#351595, bgo#505823, bgo#515073,
bgo#539858, bgo#554839, bgo#582575, bgo#583367, bgo#583985,
bgo#587323, bgo#593354, bgo#595265, bgo#597497, bgo#597823,
bgo#599300, bgo#601143, bgo#601242, bgo#601728, bgo#602231,
bgo#602508, bgo#602887, bgo#602940, bgo#603376, bgo#603471,
bgo#603547, bgo#603779, bgo#604352, bgo#604611, bgo#604679,
bgo#604814, bgo#604872, bgo#604913, bgo#605222, bgo#605269,
bgo#605447, bgo#605882, bgo#606198, bgo#606438, bgo#606692,
bgo#606807, bgo#607353, bgo#607440, bgo#607718, bgo#607949,
bgo#608209, bgo#608255, bgo#608268, bgo#608629, bgo#608671,
bgo#608990, bgo#609107, bgo#598610
- Update to version 0.10.17:
+ RTP improvements
+ Support automatic cropping in videobox
+ Add TTL multicast UDP property
+ AVI demux push mode fixes and performance improvements
+ Support large and unusual chunks sizes in wav
+ Quicktime demuxer improvements
+ JPEG decode fixes and speedups
+ Support interlaced Y4M file output
+ DV demuxer improvements
+ Pulseaudio fixes and improvements
+ Support Pulseaudio PLAY/PAUSE requests
+ speexdec improvements
+ FLV demuxer improvements
+ Fix audio noise in the Equalizer plugin, and other improvements
+ Fix compilation on OS/X Snow Leopard
+ AVI muxer fixes
+ Support MPEG V4L2 devices and improve timestamping
+ Better jpeg2k support
+ Many other bug fixes and improvements
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#597848, bgo#588245, bgo#368681, bgo#458629,
bgo#561825, bgo#581334, bgo#582238, bgo#590362, bgo#591713,
bgo#593354, bgo#593391, bgo#593688, bgo#593757, bgo#593764,
bgo#593955, bgo#594039, bgo#594133, bgo#594247, bgo#594248,
bgo#594251, bgo#594253, bgo#594254, bgo#594283, bgo#594298,
bgo#594490, bgo#594520, bgo#594599, bgo#594663, bgo#594691,
bgo#595029, bgo#595220, bgo#595231, bgo#595888, bgo#595897,
bgo#595942, bgo#596319, bgo#597091, bgo#597214, bgo#597348,
bgo#597351, bgo#597397, bgo#597463, bgo#597601, bgo#597730,
bgo#597847, bgo#597867, bgo#598377, bgo#598517, bgo#598810,
bgo#598933, bgo#601381
- Changes from version 0.10.16:
+ Moved rtpmanager from -bad to -good
+ Implement SEEKING query in more demuxers and decoders (notably
mkv, flv, flac)
+ avimux: adds support to WMA/WMV
+ cairo: Add cairo-based PDF/PS/SVG encoder element (cairorender)
+ dv1394src: fix element for live usage
+ effectv: new elements: rippletv, streaktv, radioactv, optv
+ flacdec: fix intermittent FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ABORTED errors
when seeking
+ flacenc: fix issue with broken duration / sample count into
flac header in some cases
+ flvmux: lots of fixes and improvements
+ id3demux: fix parsing of unsync'ed ID3 v2.4 tags and frames
+ matroska: add kate subtitle support, add/improve WMA/WMV
handling and read bluray PGS subpicture streams
+ multipartdemux: support more mime types, do proper flow
+ pulsesrc: cleanups, report real latency, set the default slave
method to skew
+ qtdemux: support for agsm, misc. tag reading fixes
+ rtp: new QDM2 and CELT depayloaders; fix SVQ3 depayloader and
make it autopluggable
+ souphttpsrc: Only assume seekability if the server provides
+ v4l2: add v4l2sink element, open device in NULL->READY,
optional gudev support
+ v4l2src: fix 'hang' with some cameras caused by bad
timestamping if no framerate is available
+ videomixer: add RGB format support; fix I420 blending
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#331420, bgo#499242, bgo#521625, bgo#560033,
bgo#564100, bgo#564501, bgo#567983, bgo#577017, bgo#577318,
bgo#578052, bgo#578166, bgo#578612, bgo#580214, bgo#580732,
bgo#582153, bgo#582169, bgo#582462, bgo#583593, bgo#583640,
bgo#584455, bgo#584613, bgo#585205, bgo#585361, bgo#585559,
bgo#585576, bgo#585630, bgo#585699, bgo#585757, bgo#585828,
bgo#585831, bgo#586397, bgo#587426, bgo#587680, bgo#587826,
bgo#585831, bgo#586397, bgo#587426, bgo#587680, bgo#587826,
bgo#587982, bgo#587983, bgo#588148, bgo#588349, bgo#588359,
bgo#588368, bgo#588483, bgo#588695, bgo#588777, bgo#589056,
bgo#589365, bgo#589423, bgo#589424, bgo#589459, bgo#590038,
bgo#590280, bgo#590401, bgo#590447, bgo#590970, bgo#591451,
bgo#591476, bgo#591712, bgo#591747, bgo#591951, bgo#592232,
bgo#592530, bgo#593015, bgo#585911, bgo#576378, bgo#564437,
bgo#582515, bgo#583048, bgo#583371, bgo#583803, bgo#584981,
bgo#585056, bgo#585549, bgo#585842
- Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
- Fixed directory ownership.
- Update to version 0.10.15:
+ Some fixes for seeking in wav and FLAC files
+ Faster seeking in Matroska and AVI files
+ RTSP and RTP improvements
+ directdrawsink moved to Bad
+ y4menc and flvmux/flvdemux moved from Bad
+ deinterlace2 moved from Bad, replacing deinterlace
+ Many bug fixes and improvements
+ Pulseaudio sink completely overhauled
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#572551, bgo#577318, bgo#576286, bgo#581333,
bgo#478092, bgo#486915, bgo#509311, bgo#516031, bgo#537537,
bgo#537609, bgo#552650, bgo#562168, bgo#563574, bgo#567140,
bgo#567857, bgo#570781, bgo#571153, bgo#571321, bgo#572256,
bgo#572358, bgo#572413, bgo#573173, bgo#573342, bgo#573343,
bgo#573721, bgo#573737, bgo#574270, bgo#574275, bgo#577468,
bgo#577609, bgo#577671, bgo#578052, bgo#578135, bgo#578310,
bgo#579070, bgo#579422, bgo#579808, bgo#580746, bgo#580783,
bgo#580851, bgo#580880, bgo#581329, bgo#581568, bgo#581806,
bgo#581884, bgo#582252, bgo#582281, bgo#582387, bgo#582420,
bgo#582661, bgo#582715, bgo#582753, bgo#582794, bgo#568278,
bgo#569611, bgo#571294, bgo#574169, bgo#575234, bgo#576729,
bgo#578257, bgo#579069, bgo#580554, bgo#581432, bgo#581444,
bgo#582218, bgo#575937
- Drop gst-plugins-good-pulsemixerctrl-strict-aliasing.patch: fixed
- Remove hack in setup to fix an old error, and do not call autogen
- Remove checks for old versions of openSUSE.
- Remove --enable-ladspa from configure: it doesn't exist anymore.
- Don't call autogen in older products.
- Require python-xml explicitly to get minidom on all products.

==== gstreamer-plugins-good ====
Subpackages: gstreamer-plugins-good-extra gstreamer-plugins-good-lang

- Add gstreamer-multifilesink-do-atomic-file-writes.patch
Fix multifilesink regression by re-enabling atomic file writes
(bsc#1031890, bgo#766990)

==== k3b ====
Subpackages: k3b-lang

- Only use the %kf5_find_htmldocs macro on Leap 42.3 and higher,
this should fix the build for 42.2 on Packman

==== kdebase4-runtime ====

- Drop khelpcenter-use-susehelp.patch (boo#1039086)
- Drop khelpcenter, replaced by khelpcenter5
- Remove now useless patch khelpcenter-gnome-support.patch

==== khelpcenter5 ====
Subpackages: khelpcenter5-lang

- Remove khelpcenter-use-susehelp.patch and coinstall.patch

==== kio-extras5 ====
Subpackages: kio-extras5-lang

- Add "BuildRequires: gperf" to enable building the man kio-slave

==== libXfont ====
Subpackages: libXfont-devel libXfont1

- Package update needed for xorg-server 1.18.2 update on sle12
(fate #320388)
- Update to release 1.5.1
* This release of libXfont provides the fixes for the
security advisory about BDF font parsing bugs (CVE-2015-1802,
CVE-2015-1803, CVE-2015-1804)
- supersedes patches:
* u_libxfont_bdfreadproperties_property_count_needs_range_check.patch
* u_libxfont_bdfreadcharacters_bailout_if_a_char_s_bitmap_cannot_be_read.patch
* u_libxfont_bdfreadcharacters_ensure_metrics_fit_into_xcharinfo_struct.patch
- Update to final release 1.5.0
* no changes since
- Update to version
* This is a release candidate of libXfont 1.5.0 - please test and
report any issues found, so we can have a final/stable release
soon to go with the xorg-server 1.16 release.
* *IMPORTANT* This release works with fontsproto 2.1.3 or later
and is for use with the upcoming release of xorg-server 1.16
and later. It will *not* work with older versions of
fontsproto or xorg-server (prior to
* This release includes all the security & bug fixes from
libXfont 1.4.8, plus these additional significant changes:
- Support for SNF font format (deprecated since X11R5 in 1991)
is now disabled by default at build time. For now, adding
- -enable-snfformat to configure flags may re-enable it, but
support may be fully removed in future libXfont releases.
- Many compiler warnings cleaned up, including some which
required API changes around type declarations (const char *,
Pointer, etc.).
- README file expanded to explain all the different formats/
- supersedes patches:
* u_0001-CVE-2014-0209-integer-overflow-of-realloc-size-in-Fo.patch
* u_0002-CVE-2014-0209-integer-overflow-of-realloc-size-in-le.patch
* u_0003-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-in-_fs_recv_conn_se.patch
* u_0004-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-lengths-when-reading-repli.patch
* u_0005-CVE-2014-0211-Integer-overflow-in-fs_get_reply-_fs_s.patch
* u_0006-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-fields-in-fs_read_q.patch
* u_0007-CVE-2014-0211-integer-overflow-in-fs_read_extent_inf.patch
* u_0008-CVE-2014-0211-integer-overflow-in-fs_alloc_glyphs.patch
* u_0009-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-fields-in-fs_read_e.patch
* u_0010-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-fields-in-fs_read_g.patch
* u_0011-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-fields-in-fs_read_l.patch
* u_0012-CVE-2014-0210-unvalidated-length-fields-in-fs_read_l.patch
- added baselibs.conf as source to spec file
- update to current git commit a96cc1f to match current fontsproto
git sources

==== libXrandr ====
Subpackages: libXrandr-devel libXrandr2 libXrandr2-32bit

- U_Avoid-out-of-boundary-accesses-on-illegal-responses.patch
* insufficient validation of data from the X server can cause out
of boundary memory writes. (bnc#1003000, CVE-2016-7947, CVE-2016-7948)
- libXrandr 1.5 has become a hard requirement for the GNOME desktop
on sle12-sp2 (fate #320388)
- update BuildRequires to pkgconfig(randrproto) >= 1.5
- added baselibs.conf as source in specfile
- Update to version 1.5.0:
Add support for monitors and fixes requires on libX11.
- Update to version 1.4.2:
This release fixes two small bugs in the library, and fixes an omission
in the list of copyright notices in the COPYING file.
- Update to version 1.4.1:
This release brings the fixes for the recently announced security issue
CVE-2013-1986, with some related hardening to avoid other issues, alongside
a couple small build configuration & compiler warning fixes.
- Use more robust make install call
- Avoid calling fdupes outside of /usr
- Update to version 1.4.0:
+ Strip trailing whitespace
+ Fill in nameLen in XRROutputInfo
+ libXrandr: add support for provider objects.
- Update to version 1.3.2:
+ Man page improvements
+ Build configuration improvements
- Split xorg-x11-libs into separate packages

==== libplist ====
Subpackages: libplist-devel libplist3

- Add libplist-boo1035312-overflow-fixes.patch: add some safety
checks, backported from upstream (boo#1035312 CVE-2017-7982).
- Add libplist-boo1029631-32bit.patch: ensure that sanity checks
work on 32-bit platforms (boo#1029631 CVE-2017-6440).
- Add patches from upstream to fix a multitude of memory leaks,
out of bound reads and writes and check index ranges:









- Renamed 0001-Prevent-OOB-heap-buffer-read-by-checking-input-size.patch to
0012-Prevent-OOB-heap-buffer-read-by-checking-input-size.patch to integrate
the patch in the list of patches sorted by date.
- In particular, 0011-Disallow-key-nodes-with-non-string-node-types.patch
fixes a type inconsistency by which a maliciously crafted file could
cause the application to crash (bsc#1023807, CVE-2017-5836).
- 0014-Check-for-invalid-offset_size-in-bplist-trailer.patch fixes a
vulnerability by which a maliciously crafted file could cause libplist
to allocate large amounts of memory and consume lots of CPU
(bsc#1023822, CVE-2017-5835).
fixes a vulnerability by which a maliciously crafted file could cause
a heap buffer overflow and a segmentation fault (bsc#1023848,
- Dropped CVE-2017-5209 and added

to replace the former. These patches fix the same CVE issue in the
same way but they retain the information of the commits from upstream
that fix it and add another check for a pointer to be inside bounds
(boo#1019531, CVE-2017-5209)
- Add 0001-Prevent-OOB-heap-buffer-read-by-checking-input-size.patch
This patch (from upstream, rebased) prevents an OOB heap buffer
read which could allow attackers to obtain sensitive information
from process memory or cause a DoS (bsc#1021610, CVE-2017-5545).
- Fixed CVE-2017-5209 and boo#1019531: The base64decode function
in base64.c allows attackers to obtaiin sensitive info from
process memory or cause a denial of service (buffer over-read)
via split encoded Apple Property List data.
- Added patch CVE-2017-5209.patch
* Rework base64decode to handle spliti encoded data correctly
* The credit goes to Nikias Bassen <nikias@xxxxxx>, here's just
a backport of the upstream commit

==== libvirt ====
Subpackages: libvirt-client libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon-config-network
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter libvirt-daemon-driver-interface
libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc
libvirt-daemon-driver-network libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret libvirt-daemon-driver-storage
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi libvirt-daemon-driver-uml
libvirt-daemon-driver-vbox libvirt-daemon-lxc libvirt-daemon-qemu
libvirt-daemon-xen libvirt-libs

- libxl: add default listen address for VNC and spice
- xenconfig: fix handling of NULL disk source

==== libxkbcommon ====
Subpackages: libxkbcommon-x11-0 libxkbcommon0

- Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572

==== mariadb ====
Subpackages: libmysqlclient-devel libmysqlclient18 libmysqlclient_r18
libmysqld18 mariadb-client mariadb-errormessages

- fix permissions for /var/run/mysql in mysql-systemd-helper that
were wrongly set to 700 instead of 755 due to added umask in
[bsc#1020976]. This prevented non-root from connecting to the
database [bsc#1038740]

==== mozc ====
Subpackages: fcitx-mozc ibus-mozc ibus-mozc-candidate-window mozc-gui-tools

- Add mozc-build-gcc.patch, Force mozc build with gcc(g++).
Exclude PPC, PPC64, PPC64LE and AARCH64 build target.(bsc#990844)

==== nghttp2 ====
Version update (1.3.4 -> 1.7.1)

- updated to 1.7.1 to fix CVE-2016-1544 [bsc#966514]
- updated to 1.7.0 [fate#320269]
- fix typo in libnghttp2_asio1 description [bsc#962914]
- remove jemalloc optional build dependency
- remove libspdy optional build dependency
- Update to 1.6.0
* Fix heap-use-after-free bug when handling idle streams
* Strict error handling for frames which are not allowed after
closed (remote)
* Set max number of outgoing concurrent streams to 100 by
* Keep incoming streams only at server side
* Create stream object for pushed resource during
* Add nghttp2_session_create_idle_stream() API
* Handle response in nghttp2_on_begin_frame_callback
* Add --lib-only configure option
* Compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0-pre1
* Fix build when OpenSSL 1.0.2 is not available (patch from
Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh)
* asio: Add connect and read timeout to client API
* asio: Add TLS handshake and read timeout to server API
* asio: Added access to a requests remote endpoint (patch from
Andreas Pohl)
* asio: libnghttp2_asio: Added io_service accessors (patch from
Andreas Pohl)
* h2load: Add req/s min, max, mean and sd for clients
* h2load: Fix broken connection times
- Update to 1.5.0
* Fix bug that nghttp2_session_find_stream(session, 0) returned
* Add nghttp2_session_change_stream_priority() to change stream
priority without sending PRIORITY frame
* Add nghttp2_session_check_server_session() API
* Consider to use CANCEL error code when closing streams with
* Don't send push response if GOAWAY has been received
* Use error code CANCEL to reset pushed reserved stream from
* Add nghttp2_session_upgrade2(), deprecate
* Workaround HTTP upgrade with HEAD request in
* Add nghttp2_session_check_request_allowed() API function
* Switch to clang-format-3.6
* Update mruby to 1.2.0
* tests: fix broken linkage with --disable-static (Patch from
Kamil Dudka)
* python: Send RST_STREAM if remote side is not closed and
response finished
* asio: client: call on_error when connection is dropped
* asio: ALPN support
* h2load: Add --h1 option to force http/1.1 for both http and
https URI
* h2load: Fix crash when dealing with "connection: close" form
HTTP/1.1 server
* h2load: h2load goes into infinite loop when timing script file
starts with 0.0 in first line (Patch from Kit Chan)
* h2load: Override user-agent with -H option
* h2load: Print "space savings" to measure header compression
* h2load: Stream error should be counted toward errored
* h2load: Show application protocol with OpenSSL < 1.0.2
* nghttpx: Don't send RST_STREAM to h2 backend if backend is
disconnected state
* nghttpx: Support server push from HTTP/2 backend
* nghttpx: Fix bug that causes connection failure with backend
proxy URI
* nghttpx: Use --backend-tls-sni-field to verify certificate
* nghttpx: Log :authority as $http_host if available
* nghttpd: Fix crash with CONNECT request
* nghttpd: Defered eviction of cached fd using timer
* nghttpd: Read /etc/mime.types to set content-type header field
* nghttp: Record request method to output it in har correctly
* nghttp: Use method given in -H with ":method" in HTTP Upgrade
- Drop nghttp2-1.4.0-fix-tests.patch (now in upstream)
- Enable spdy and more example applications
- Update to 1.4.0:
* lib: Don't always expect dynamic table size update.
* lib: Shrink to the minimum table size seen in local SETTINGS.
* lib: Add new error code NGHTTP2_ERR_PAUSE to send_data_callback.
* lib: Avoid excessive WINDOW_UPDATE queuing.
* lib: Return fatal error if flooding is detected to close
session immediately.
* lib: Return type of nghttp2_submit_trailer is int.
* lib: Don't send WINDOW_UPDATE with 0 increment.
* lib: Fix bug that headers in CONTINUATION were ignored after
HEADERS with padding.
* package: Use -fvisibility=hidden for internal functions.
* package: Show more information in configure summary.
* package: Add PIDFile directive to systemd service.
* package: Fix daemon upgrade when running under systemd.
* app: Compile with BoringSSL.
* nghttp: Allow multiple -c option occurrence, and take min and
last value.
* nghttpd: Fix leak when server failed to listen to given port.
* nghttpx: Add TLS dynamic record size behaviour command line
* nghttpx: Reduce default timeouts for read sockets to 1m.
* nghttpx: Fix bug that PUT is replaced with POST.
* nghttpx: Change mruby script handling.
* nghttpx: Added support for RFC 7413 (TCP Fast Open) on nghttpx
proxy listening connections.
* nghttpx: Add neverbleed support.
* h2load: Don't DOS our server!
* h2load: Use duration syntax for timeouts.
* h2load: Support subsecond rate period.
* h2load: Simplify rate mode.
* h2load: Add option for user-definable rate period.
* h2load: Reuse SSL/TLS session.
* h2load: Reconnect server on connection: close.
* h2load: Don't exit in the case of no ALPN protocol overlap.
* integration: Update go's http2 package URI.
- Add missing baselibs.conf.
- Add nghttp2-1.4.0-fix-tests.patch from commit 4825009.
- Small spec cleanup.
- Update to 1.3.4
* Make traditional init script fail if new config file is broken
(Patch from Janusz Dziemidowicz)
* nghttpx-logrotate: Don't use killall since we have multiple
* nghttpx: Fix improper signal handling
- Changes for 1.3.3
* Fix bug in padding handling of DATA frame
* Use hash table for dynamic table lookup
* More warning flags for --enable-werror
* Update mruby
* h2load: HTTP/1.1 support (Patch from Lucas Pardue)
* nghttpx: Do not try to set TCP_NODELAY when frontend is an
UNIX socket (Patch from Janusz Dziemidowicz)
* nghttpx: Chown UNIX domain socket to user specified as --user
* nghttpx: Split monolithic one process into control and worker
* nghttpx: Handle SSL/TLS data following PROXY protocol line
- Changes for 1.3.2
* Check header block limit after new stream is opened
* nghttp: Show error if HEADERS frame cannot be sent for
whatever reason
* nghttpx: Fix assertion failure on TLS handshake
* nghttpx: Add x-http2-push header field for pushed resource
* nghttpx: Fix compile error with --disable-threads
- Update to 1.3.1
* Avoid usage of typeof and replace __builtin_offsetof with
* Honor stream->weight even if stream->last_writelen is 0
* Compile third-party libraries if hpack-tools is enabled
* nghttpx-init: Start nghttpx with --daemon
* Bundle sphinxcontrib.rubydomain
* Bundle mruby
* h2load: Record TTFB on first byte of response body, rather
than first socket read
* h2load: Improve checking for timing script input, prevent
false positive in certain situations
* nghttpx: Implement PROXY protocol version 1
(--accept-proxy-protocol option)
* nghttpx: Allow link header server push for HTTP/2 backend
as well
* nghttpx: Don't initiate push if client disabled push
* nghttpx: Allow absolute URI in Link header field for push
* nghttpx: Fix crash with multi workers and QUIT signal
* nghttpx: Add mruby support which is disabled by default
(use --with-mruby configure option to enable it)
* nghttpx: Drop connection before TLS finish if h2 requirement
is not fulfilled
- Fix typo in previous changelog entry
- Update to 1.3.1
* Limit the number of incoming reserved (remote) streams
* Add stream public API
* Rewrite priority tree handling
* Fix parallel make distcheck
* Define it and itprep recursive target if
* fetch-ocsp-response: Handle spurious openssl exist status 0
* nghttpx: Use nghttp2::ssl::DEFAULT_CIPHER_LIST for backend TLS
* nghttpx: Don't allow blacked listed cipher suites for HTTP/2
* nghttpx: better handle /dev/stderr and /dev/stdout (Patch from
Tomasz Buchert)
* nghttpd: GOAWAY if SSL/TLS requirements for HTTP/2 are not met
* nghttpd: Return date header field for 304
* nghttpd: Support HEAD request
* h2load: Add Timing-script and base URI support (Patch from
Lucas Pardue)
* h2load: Add timeout options (Patch from Nora)
- Fix typo in changelog
- Update to 1.2.1
* doc: Reword the HPACK tutorial (Patch from Tom Harwood)
* nghttpx: Fix stability issues
* h2load: Fix crash if -r > -n
- Update to 1.2.0
* Fix crash if response or data is submitted to closing stream
* Header table size UINT32_MAX must be accepted
* Use PROTOCOL_ERROR against DATA sent to idle stream
* Allow multiple in-flight SETTINGS
* Strictly check occurrence of dynamic table size update
* Fix configure warning that 'missing' is missing or too old
* Fix rm: cannot remove ?*.rst?: No such file or directory when
"make clean" (Patch from Alexis La Goutte)
* doc: Reword some of the server and client tutorial (Patch
from Tom Harwood)
* src: Remove monotonic_clock replacement macro for gcc-4.6
* nghttpx: Add TLS ticket key sharing among nghttpx instances
using memcached
* nghttpx: Add shared session cache using memcached
* nghttpx: Set SSL/TLS session timeout to 12 hours
* nghttpx: Enable session resumption on HTTP/2 backend
* nghttpx: Don't rewrite host header field by default
* nghttpx: Generate new ticket key every 1hr and its life time
is now 12hrs
* nghttpx: Don't reuse backend connection if it is not clean
* nghttpx: Add AES-256-CBC encryption for TLS session ticket
* nghttpd: Fix the bug that 304 response has non-empty body
* h2load: Add -r and -C options to h2load (Patch from
Nora Shoemaker)
- Changes for 1.1.2
* Fix linker error with libnghttp2_asio
* Allow custom installation location for Python bindings
- Drop no longer needed missing_nghttp2_timegm.patch
- Update to 1.1.1
* nghttpx: Fix various stability issues and memory leak bug
- Changes for 1.1.0
* Fix DATA is not consumed if nghttp2_http_on_data_chunk failed
* nghttp2_submit_response and nghttp2_submit_headers may return
* msvc build fixes and enchantments (Patch from Gabi Davar)
* Compile with IRIX gcc-4.7 (Patch from Klaus Ziegler)
* nghttp: Add --max-concurrent-streams option
* nghttp: Add comment on HAR on pushed objects (Patch from
* nghttpx: Add --include option to read additional configuration
from given file
* nghttpx: Add backend routing based on request host and path by
extending -b option
* nghttpx: Allow log variable to be enclosed by curly braces for
* nghttpx: Add log variables related to SSL/TLS connection
* h2load: Add --ciphers option
- Add patches
* missing_nghttp2_timegm.patch to fix building of asio library
* nghttp2-remove-python-build.patch to fix python bindings
installation when autotools are used
- Update to 1.0.5
* Add STREAM_DEP_DEBUG macro switch to enable runtime validation
of depedency tree
* Fix another bug in priority handling; sibling's item is not
queued when ancestor's item is detached
* nghttpx: Fix crash with --http2-bridge and both frontend and
backend TLS
- Update to 1.0.4
* Fix assertion failure in stream_update_dep_on_detach_item
- Changes for 1.0.3
* Fix bug that idle self-depending PRIORITY is not handled
* Optimize dependency based priority code to Firefox style tree
* enable third-party for asio_lib too (Patch from Mike
* fetch-ocsp-response: Support LibreSSL, and include port in
* src: Support compile with LibreSSL
* nghttpx: Fix bug that x-forwarded-proto header field does not
reflect frontend scheme on HTTP/2 backend
* nghttpx: Validate :path on SPDY frontend
- Update to 1.0.2
* Fix bug that data are not consumed for connection in race
condition (GH-253)
* Define NGHTTP2_EXTERN to __declspec(dllimport) when using
nghttp2 for Windows build
* Translate fetch-ocsp-response into Python
* libevent-client: Fix bug that path is broken if URI does not
contain path part
* python: Call on_close callback when connection is lost for
server session
* python: Expose client certificate, if available (Patch from
Fabian Wiesel)
* python: Catch and log failure to set TCP_NODELAY (Patch from
Fabian Wiesel)
* nghttpx: Add --add-request-header option
* nghttpx: Make WebSocket upgrade work
* nghttpx: Fix bug that END_STREAM is not set in backend for
POST with Upgrade
* nghttpx: Don't send "Expect" header field twice
- Update to 1.0.1
* Include stdint.h instead of inttypes.h when compiled with MSVC
< 2013
* Fix invalid memory free on out-of-memory handling
* integration: Use our own copy of golang spdy package
* android: Don't link zlib bundled with android NDK
* Update NDK ver, and ubuntu; build and link
* src, examples: Fix up OpenSSL initialization
* nghttpx: Allow HTTP Upgrade from POST request if response
header has not been sent to the client
* nghttpx: Fix bug that PUSH_PROMISE is sent after associated
response HEADERS
* nghttpd: Close connection after settings timeout and GOAWAY
was sent
* h2load: Fix bug that NPN fails if ALPN is enabled
- Update to 1.0.0
* v1.0.0 introduced backward incompatible changes from 0.7
series. Read
to migrate from older version to this latest version.
- Changes for 0.7.15
* Hopefully, this is the last release for 0.7.x series.
Development continues in 1.x series.
* Access violation in buffers (GH-232) (Patch from Etienne Cimon)
* Retry finding jemalloc lib by je_malloc_stats_print (GH-233)
* inflatehd: Fix crash if 'wire' value is not string (GH-235)
* nghttpx: Revert 585af93 to fix crash with TLS (GH-234)
* nghttpd: Add --echo-upload option to send back request body
- Update to 0.7.14
* Fix global-buffer-overflow in HPACK code
* Fix doc for nghttp2_select_next_protocol
* Fix bug that promised stream was not reset on decompression
* Add systemd and upstart configuration file for nghttpx
(Patch from Zhuoyun Wei)
* Improve nghttpx logrotate configuration file (Patch from
Zhuoyun Wei)
* Update sphinx_rtd_theme
* h2load: Update h2load to give connect time and ttfb stats
(Patch from ericcarlschwartz)
* nghttpd: Add -m, --max-concurrent-streams option
* nghttpx: Log absolute URI for HTTP/2 or client proxy request
* nghttpx: Add --header-field-buffer and --max-header-fields
* nghttp: Fix assertion error if very large value is given to -t
- Update to 0.7.13
* Fix bug that promised stream was not reset by returning
nghttp2_on_header_callback. Instead, associated stream was reset.
* h2load: Effectively disable flow control by setting large
window size
* asio: Graceful shutdown and joinable server (Patch from
Xiaoguang Sun)
- Update to 0.7.12
* Fix bug that nghttp2_session_set_next_stream_id accepts invalid
* HPACK: Rewrite static header table handling
* HPACK: Never index authorization and small cookie header field
* Don't install libnghttp2_asio headers if they are disabled
* doc: Specify program directive so that hyperlink to option is
correctly pointed to the intended location
* asio: client: Call error_cb on error occurred in do_read and
do_write (Fixes GH-207)
* nghttp: Add --no-push option to disable server push
* nghttp: Show stream ID in statistics output
* nghttp: Remove --dep-idle option
* nghttp: Use same priority anchor nodes as Firefox does
* nghttpx: Don't push resource if link header has non empty
* nghttpx: Add logging for somewhat important events (logs,
tickets, and ocsp)
* nghttpx: Set Downstream to stream user data on HTTP Upgrade
to h2
- Update to 0.7.11
* nghttpx: Fix waitpid race condition in ocsp response update
* nghttp: Consider user-provided :authority header field for SNI
as well as host header field
- Changes for 0.7.10
* Make sure that nghttp2 license is MIT license
* Add nghttp2_session_consume_{connection,stream} to consume
bytes independent
* Add nghttp2_send_data_callback to send DATA payload without
copying "static inline" fix for build with VS2013 (Patch from
Remo E)
* Update lib/Makefile.msvc (Patch from Remo E)
* Remove dependency on libws2_32 on Windows build
* Define NGHTTP2_EXTERN macro to export function for Windows
* doc: Generate API doc per function
* python: Add async body generation support
* python: Fix pseudo-header field ordering bug
* nghttpx: Redirect stderr to errorlog file
* nghttpx: Fix bug that data buffered in SSL object are not
* nghttpx: Remove --tls-ctx-per-worker option
* nghttpx: Add OCSP stapling feature
- Enable python bindings
- Update to 0.7.9
* Implements h2-14 protocol
* Implements HPACK 09
* h2load: Fix crash if -t > -c
* h2load: Add -d option to upload data to server
* nghttpx: Forward only "trailers" keyword in te when forwarding HTTP/2
* nghttpx: Fix PUSH_PROMISE header field corruption [GH-194]
* nghttpx: Fix te header field is duplicated when forwarding HTTP/2 backend
* nghttp, nghttpd: Add --hexdump option to hexdump incoming traffic.
* examples: Place AM_CPPFLAGS first to use in-package header files first
- Changes for 0.7.8
* Implements h2-14 protocol
* Implements HPACK 09
* Validate :path header field for http or https URI scheme
* NULL-terminate header field name and value presented by callback
* README.rst: Cleaned up the grammar a bit (Patch from Ross Smith II)
* h2load: fix for segfault by reserving correct worker count (Patch from
Stefan Eissing)
- Avoid shipping documentation redundantly. Set RPM groups.
- Fix rpm group
- Update to 0.7.5
* Implements h2-14 protocol
* Implements HPACK 09
* Validate HTTP semantics by default
* Add nghttp2_option_set_no_http_messaging() API function
* Update http-parser
* nghttp, nghttpd, nghttpx: Use "sensitive" to indicate
"never indexed" header field
* nghttp, nghttpd, nghttpx, h2load: Select/announce h2 in
* nghttp: Fix unaligned field output in --stat
* nghttp: Fix -H does not work with -u upgrade request
* nghttp: Update resource timing terminology according to
Resource Timing TR
* nghttpd: Add -a option which takes an address parameter that
allows nghttpd to bind to a non-default address. Patch
from Brian Card
* nghttpx: Use omit minor version in case of HTTP/2 in via
header and access log
* nghttpx: Support UNIX domain socket on both frontend and backend
* nghttpx: Fix crash in http/1 backend when backend returns more
bytes than CL
* nghttpx: Cast configuration value to rlim_t to avoid compile
error on 32bit
* nghttpx: Fix 1 second delay in HTTP/2 backend connection
* nghttpx: Fix request re-submission bug in HTTP/2 backend
* asio-sv2: Fix compile error with OS X
- Initial packaging of 0.7.4

==== obs-service-format_spec_file ====
Version update (20160406 -> 20170204)

- update licenes (from git)
- Handle needssslcertforbuild directive
- Handle empty output directory
- Improve the license and group comments handling

==== obs-service-set_version ====
Version update (0.5.3 -> 0.5.6)

- Update to version 0.5.6:
* strip \n from version in obsinfo
- Update to version 0.5.5:
* read version from .obsinfo file if available
* Add support for Collax build recipes
- Update to version 0.5.4:
* support obscpio archives
* do not strip release number in debian, but setting it back

==== qemu ====
Subpackages: qemu-arm qemu-block-curl qemu-block-dmg qemu-block-iscsi
qemu-block-rbd qemu-block-ssh qemu-extra qemu-ipxe qemu-ksm qemu-kvm qemu-lang
qemu-ppc qemu-s390 qemu-seabios qemu-sgabios qemu-tools qemu-vgabios qemu-x86

- Fixes for gcc7 compatability (bsc#1040228) (in behalf of Liang Yan)
- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.9
- Protect access to metadata in virtio-9pfs (CVE-2017-7493 bsc#1039495)
- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.9

==== qemu-linux-user ====

- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.9
* Patches added:
- Patch queue updated from git:// opensuse-2.9
* Patches added:

==== rdma-core ====
Subpackages: libibverbs1 librdmacm1

- Fix rdma.service which had /usr/libexec hardcoded (bsc#1039999).

==== rollback-helper ====

- check whether system is registered before rollback (bsc#1032129)

==== samba ====
Version update (4.6.3+git.21.0735c828d4f -> 4.6.3+git.25.0c154becb13)
Subpackages: libdcerpc-binding0 libdcerpc-binding0-32bit libdcerpc0
libdcerpc0-32bit libndr-krb5pac0 libndr-krb5pac0-32bit libndr-nbt0
libndr-nbt0-32bit libndr-standard0 libndr-standard0-32bit libndr0 libndr0-32bit
libnetapi0 libnetapi0-32bit libsamba-credentials0 libsamba-credentials0-32bit
libsamba-errors0 libsamba-errors0-32bit libsamba-hostconfig0
libsamba-hostconfig0-32bit libsamba-passdb0 libsamba-passdb0-32bit
libsamba-util0 libsamba-util0-32bit libsamdb0 libsamdb0-32bit
libsmbclient-devel libsmbclient0 libsmbconf0 libsmbconf0-32bit libsmbldap0
libsmbldap0-32bit libtevent-util0 libtevent-util0-32bit libwbclient0
libwbclient0-32bit samba-client samba-client-32bit samba-doc samba-libs
samba-libs-32bit samba-winbind samba-winbind-32bit

- Fix CVE-2017-7494 remote code execution from a writable share;
(bso#12780); (bsc#1038231).

==== vsftpd ====

- Fix interoperability issue with various ftp clients that arose
when vsftpd is configured with option "use_localtime=YES".
Basically, it's fine to use local time stamps in directory
listings, but responding to MDTM commands with any time zone
other than UTC directly violates RFC3659 and leads FTP clients to
misinterpret the file's time stamp. [bsc#1024961]
- Fix several issues related to SSL/TLS support [bsc#1021387]:
* vsftpd-enable-sendto-for-prelogin-syslog.patch allows sendto()
to be called from check_limits(), which is necessary for vsftpd
to write to the system log.
* vsftpd-openlog-force.patch fixes a logic error in the way the
force option for syslog's openlog() call was handled.
* vsftpd-seccomp-ssl.patch allows stat() to be called, which is
required during SSL initialization by RAND_load_file().
* vsftpd-seccomp-wait4.patch allows wait4() to be called so that
the broker can wait for its child processes.

==== xf86-video-nv ====

- no real changes, but let's trigger a rebuild for SP2 so the
driver is being built for the right Xserver video ABI (fate #320388)
- commented out modalias lines in specfile in order to no longer
install xf86-video-nv driver by default (bnc#868732)

==== xf86-video-r128 ====

- latest driver changes for sle12 (fate #315643-315645, 319159-319161, 319618)

==== xfce4-terminal ====
Version update (0.8.3 -> 0.8.5)
Subpackages: xfce4-terminal-lang

- Update to 0.8.5.
* Do not change drop-down window size when zooming in/out.
* Create terminal of desired size instead of default size of
80x24: this allows to avoid resizing the terminal right after
* Use default terminal geometry when --geometry parameter is used
but its value only contains X and Y offsets.
* Improve label layout in preferences dialog: restrict max width
to 80 chars.
* Add --minimize command line option.
* Calculate screen dimensions properly when having multiple
* Prevent clipboard from being filled with garbage.
* Resolve deprecation warnings: gtk_show_uri_on_window,
gdk_screen_make_display_name, gdk_screen_get_width/height.
* Silence most of deprecation warnings that are not resolved.
* Make Preferences dialog app-global - the same dialog window
will be used by multiple terminal windows.
* Remove large space to the left of tab text when the text is too
short (this allows tabs to be smaller).
* Gtk3 required version bumped to 3.16.0.
* Fix memory leaks.
* Close Find dialog when closing parent terminal window.
* Close Set Title dialog when closing its corresponding tab.
* Translation updates: Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), German, Greek,
Hebrew, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish,
Portuguese (Brasil), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish,
Thai, Ukrainian.
- Changes in 0.8.4.
* Fixes related to fullscreen state and showing/hiding window in
drop-down mode.
* Fix incorrect window positioning when started in fullscreen
* Add a separate Show window borders setting for drop-down mode.
* Make Double click chars setting more compact in the UI.
* Do not force show drop-down window on screen size change.
* Background image improvements: scale huge images to 8K when
loading from file (this reduces memory consumption); print a
warning if failed to open an image.
* Expose Slim tabs setting to Preferences.
* Translation updates: Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Chinese
(Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French,
Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål,
Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian.

==== xrandr ====

- update to 1.5 on sle12-sp2 useful due to libXrandr being updated
to 1.5 due to hard requires of new GNOME desktop (fate #320388)
- refreshed xrandr-print-outputs-per-provider.patch

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