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Re: [opensuse-factory] systemd dbus start causing problems, still
* Simon Lees <sflees@xxxxxxx> [05-08-17 04:05]:

On 05/08/2017 04:43 PM, Karl Sinn wrote:

As for the actual issue, its likely related to [1] which is about the
fact we don't support restarting dbus sessions. With the way we are
starting dbus via socket activation maybe when isolating targets the
service is being restarted from a quick test as root here it seems that
the User Manager was stopped when isolating the target which is where
the service was stopped, anyway we should continue this in the bug


You are not authorized to access bug #965867.

well then...

To paraphrase its a big long discussion about how we'd like to support
restarting dbus, but that upstream doesn't support it and so if someone
has time oneday they will add the feature upstream but for now we will
document that its not supported.

In this case its unclear if something is not working properly due to the
dbus restart or if something is blocking dbus from restarting.

and we are not allowed to contribute to the bug report or possible
solution in *any* way.

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