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[opensuse-factory] postinstall script of syslog-ng-3.9.1-16.2.i586.rpm failed

Recently I started to see syslog-ng package failing on Tumbleweed.
Looking at the logs I see, that the packages are generated, but at the end:

[ 359s] ... testing for pre/postinstall scripts that are not idempotent
[ 359s] Updating /etc/sysconfig/syslog ...
[ 359s] chown: invalid user: 'news:news'
[ 359s] postinstall script of syslog-ng-3.9.1-16.2.i586.rpm failed

The offending part of the syslog-ng post install script seems to be:
test -f var/log/news && mv -f var/log/news var/log/news.bak
mkdir -p -m 0750 var/log/news
chown news:news var/log/news
touch var/log/news/news.crit; chmod 640 var/log/news/news.crit
chown news:news var/log/news/news.crit
touch var/log/news/news.err; chmod 640 var/log/news/news.err
chown news:news var/log/news/news.err
touch var/log/news/news.notice; chmod 640 var/log/news/news.notice
chown news:news var/log/news/news.notice

Question: what is the correct fix here? Is "news" completely
depreciated? In that case I can remove this section completely. Or the
files are necessary, but news was removed from the password file and I
should just remove the chown part?

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