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Re: [opensuse-factory] opensuse factory (2017.02.24) want to remove not installed packages.....
Carlos E. R. composed on 2017-02-26 14:30 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata composed:

Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar composed on 2017-02-25 10:18 (UTC+0100):

On Sat, 2017-02-25 at 03:26 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

Right, they're not. Applications and packages are not the same thing. Only
knows what applications are. Zypper only guesses what to do, and doesn't
actually do anything except confuse users with useless messages

So, from now on we will have to call you zypper - because what you say
is wrong and is confusing our users.

So, applications and packages *are* the same thing?


You could say "I want to install the libre office writer", which is an
application. And you do, not needing to know which packages need to be

There are multiple language failures here. Your response, using confusing grammar, is restating a portion of what I originally wrote. Dominique wrote in effect that nothing I wrote was correct. I replied WRT a single obviously correct point, which should have generated a clarification from Dominique about what part(s) was/were and what part(s) was/were not wrong, but did not, at least as yet.

More to the point, when I'm using zypper, I'm working with rpm packages, and couldn't care less whether or which include anything which someone defines as an "application". Seeing a message that some versionless Firefox "application" is being removed, or installed, at the same time as a message that the already installed firefox-esr is being upgraded is nothing but confusion, and thus useless, unless generating confusion is the goal of multiple monikers for single tools.

Is it possible that there is or can be added some option in zypp.conf or zypper.conf that can suppress messages about "applications" when using zypper?
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