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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed snapshot question
On Tue, Feb 14, Bjoern Voigt wrote:

This brings me to the question, why will package vendors change also
with the "--no-allow-vendor-change" option?

Because packages will disappear. Then zypper dup finds package 'x' is
installed, and if at least one repository provides a suitable 'x' that
repo will be proposed. Take fdupes for example. It used to be in packman
and oss and maybe elswehere, now its only in oss and maybe elswhere.
That happend months ago already, a weekly 'zypper dup' would have done
this change at that time.

As said earlier: walk through your repo list and give each one the
appropriate priority. Then do a 'zypper dup', either accept the vendor
changes, or save the result to a list. Search for each problematic
package with 'zypper se -snt package x', which shows a list of repos
that contain 'x'. That search will show that some of the packages
disappeared or appeared in different repos. You may ping these repo
maintainers about the mess they created.

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