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Re: [opensuse-factory] fvwm2 is missing FvwmWinlist in snapshot 20170209
On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 01:11:12PM +0100, berthold@hö wrote:

I get

[fvwm][executeModule]: <<ERROR>> No such module 'FvwmWinList' in ModulePath

Yep .. from upstream NEWS:

* Removed features:

- The old and unmaintained debian/and rpm/ directories have
been remmoved; use the maintainers' copies where available.
- VMS support has been removed.
- GTK1.x support has been removed.
- GNOME-specific window hints (pre-EWMH) have been removed.
- Some fvwm modules have been removed:
- FvwmDragWell (no replacement)
- FvwmGTK (no replacement)
- FvwmSave (no replacement)
- FvwmSaveDesk (no replacement)
- FvwmScroll (no replacement)
- FvwmTabs (no replacement, never worked anyway)
- FvwmTaskBar (use FvwmButtons)
- FvwmTheme (in core of fvwm as colorsets)
- FvwmWharf (use FvwmButtons)
- FvwmWinList (use WindowList command)
- FvwmWindowMenu (use WindowList command)
- FvwmIconBox (use the IconBox style instead)

Just to be mentioned. For reports see and


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