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Re: [opensuse-factory] ending up dracut shell after update
04.02.2017 11:03, Alin M Elena пишет:
Feb 04 07:51:37 circassia dracut-cmdline[146]: Using kernel command line
parameters: rd.luks.uuid=luks-1b1dd170-a13d-4d89-a6b5-0eaa84888d9d root=/dev/mapper/system-root rootfstype=ext4
rootflags=rw,relatime,data=ordered BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.10.0-
rc6-2.g18f6269-default root=/dev/mapper/system-root splash=silent quiet

Are they stored kernel options or actually present on kernel command line?

Feb 04 07:51:39 circassia dracut-initqueue[306]: Failed to start systemd-
Unit systemd-cryptsetup@luks\x2d1b1dd170\x2da13d
\x2d4d89\x2da6b5\x2d0eaa84888d9d.service not found.

OK, now I remember (and I thought there was a bug report about it but I
cannot find it). When systemd is used, it relies on generator to create
service for root device, but generator is not aware of stored dracut
kernel parameters and is able to only process actual kernel command line
or /etc/crypttab. Now the case I remember was that after installation
dracut did not include /etc/crypttab for root and failed with similar
message. Actually, AFAICR there was no /etc/crypttab after installation
at all.

Hope it gives enough starting point.

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