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Re: [opensuse-factory] 1. KDE Applications 16.12 => 16.08 // 2. Only update to matured versions of KDE // trigger warning!
  • From: emanuel <emanuel.castelo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 03:07:41 -0800
  • Message-id: <1765068.NYBNv9nNGQ@linux-s4s1>
On Tuesday, January 31, 2017 1:37:42 PM PST AW wrote:

Since December 16th Akonadi and (at least) kmail for many users are close to
unuseable due to bugs in the akonadi ecosystem, e.g. see here: https:// .

I'd like to suggest to go back to the last stable version of KDE
Applications, which probably was 16.08.*. I'd really like get rid of this
(16.12.*) akonadi version and we can't expect a patch soon, because if
patching were easy, six weeks would have been enough to patch it.

Then I've had a look into the bug list of kdepim here:

This is plainly alarming. So I had a look at earlier months' bug list, which
didn't appear to have been much better. So much traffic about bugs for an
basic application of the whole KDE system!

To me it seems obvious that the development is in trouble and the monthly
updates may any time break a working system.

I can't and I won't blame anybody for the state of KDE. But from my point of
view as a mere user, who'd like to have a more or less working computer,
the poor condition of KDE Applications isn't compatible to a rolling

So I'd like to suggest to change the way Tumbleweed provides KDE updates:
Let's only have an update to a matured version, like KDE Applications
16.08.3 was and hopefully 16.12.3 or later will be. Same for KDE Plasma and
KDE Frameworks.

Sorry for my blunt words. If you, the community of openSuse, judge
differently, no problem. I simply can go and install e.g. Leap. But I hope
to be able to communicate my argument clearly, without offending someone:
You can't call a distro a rolling release, while bugs render the email
system close to unusable, for many users and many weeks.



Being that i am not seeing the issues as described and been on TW for a long
time using every kde-pim tool avail i would suggest a comparison being done
between the 'worked since i installed it' and the 'its broke most of the time'
, there has to be a logical reason for some always seeing issues . I would be
glad to provide what ever helps conf/log wise from the 'just works' side.

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