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Re: [opensuse-factory] ANNOUNCE: transactional updates for Tumbleweed
On Sat, 2017-01-21 at 16:53 +0200, opensuse.lietuviu.kalba wrote:
2017.01.21 15:46, Thorsten Kukuk rašė:

I would like to announce a new package in Tumbleweed:

Nice idea! But for installation of critical packages, maybe would be 
better to use this schema:

1) just download critical RPMs (don't install emediately);

2) at next reboot (or re-login, depending on situation), at early
of boot, do installation of thees RPMs;

3) if necessary automatically reboot again.

I believe this schema can work not only for BTRFS filesystem (with 
snapshoots), but also with reliable EXT4 (that don't support

This is just idea to enhence situation. Maybe "transactional-update" 
could benefit from it in case of problematic packages.

This is already possible - using the so-called offline update method
(probably undertested)

pkcon update -d # download available updates)
pkcon offline-trigger # Set system to boot to offline-update on next

If you use GNOME Software to update your system, this is also exactly
what is happening behind the curtains.

It has the advantage of being in a 'minimal running system where only
few things can go wrong' (but still can go wrong so far) - and it has
the disadvantage that it applies updates when you are booting or

The transactional update method surely has its merits over the offline-
update method in the fact that the user does not have to wait for the
update during boot... with the negative effects as described by

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