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Re: [opensuse-factory] ANNOUNCE: transactional updates for Tumbleweed


On Sat, Jan 21, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

It does not because it is out of its scope. What it does is install
packages. If data that is managed by package binaries is incompatible
with new version of binaries, you cannot convert it during package
installation anyway - this has to be deferred until some later point in
time when new binary is run for the first time.

Ok, so that's exactly what I wrote initial, too.

I read your quoted statement as "package cannot contain files from
different subvolumes/filesystems". Now, *that* I cannot agree with -
nothing prevents you from cloning these subvolumes, building new version
of boot environment that includes all these clones and switching to it
on reboot. Whether this is feasible in each particular case, is separate

Looks like Solaris ZFS can handle different subvolumes as one. btrfs
does not have this feature, but it wouldn't help in this case, too.

We do create the subvolumes on purpose. Either they contain high volatile
data (e.g. /var/cache), or they contain data you don't want to loose
during update or rollback (var/lib/pgsql, /var/spool/mail).
And I'm speaking about this subvolumes: an RPM should not contain
data which is in the "main" root subvolume, and a "data" subvolume.
Either you will have data lossage on update or rollback, or you have
inconsistent RPMs (the changes in a "data" subvolume are missing after


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